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  1. N

    Replacing VE Footwell Bulbs?

    I'd really like to replace the stock footwell light bulbs in my 2009 Berlina with some LED bulbs - does anyone know what type of bulb the stock footwell light uses, and how one would go about replacing/changing the bulb? Cheers!
  2. danielnitschke

    VX Water Leaking into Drivers Footwell!

    Hello All! What a wet end to the week. Go to get in today, low and behold the floor is soaked. With a grimace I get in, twist my head and see that all the wiring, BCM etc whatever else is under there is also soaked and dripping. The car still starts and works fine but whew it's stressing me...
  3. V

    Ve Footwell lights

    Hi guys, I have the wiring for the footwell lights as I'd like to install them on a Ve Sv6 Series 2. Any idea's on how to install them? Thanks guys
  4. J

    Wire Size!!!

    so... im putting in footwell LED strips.... is it okay to run thin wire off the cig lighter wire? (splice into it) or do i have to use thick wire?
  5. O

    New kid here! Needs some adive

    Hey guys ok can someone give me some advice here, would it be gay to have blue or green footwell neons and neons next to the speakers behind the seats (right next to your head) but have them controlled so i can turn them off while I drive, and would it be ok to have use a neon instead of the...
  6. S

    Installing led's in footwell of VE Commodore

    I've just purchased some neons for my series 1 VE SV6. I've been reading on other threads blokes using the center light. I think that's a great idea and all but there saying you have to go up to the light it self and pick up the wire there. I was wondering if anyone knew the colors of the wires...
  7. TXB-409

    VT Berlina boot and footwell, need help.

    Hey guys, Just wanting to change the light inside the boot to make my subs look better rather than the stock shitty yellow globe, but I can't seem to find a clip or anything to take it off to change the globe. Can anyone tell me if there is a clip or if not, how to get to the LED inside it...

    Water Leak Into the interior. Help !

    I'm seriously so tired of opening my VN everytime it rains to find water in the footwell and has moisture in the rear seats. I don't open it often cause it has just been sitting in the backyard waiting to be fixed up and recently I have been starting to fix it up and noticed this problem. I've...
  9. D

    Wet footwells... Ideas?

    Hi, I noticed a week ago the rear left footwell was wet when I left a newspaper on the floor overnight, grabbed it out in the morning and it was damp right through. My car is a VT series 2 SS, with the 5.7 ltr, (it also has a sunroof which I have recently cleared its blocked drain holes, no...
  10. Thurlz

    S2 Acclaim Footwell Lighting

    Fairly new to car modding, but been researching and found a lot of helpful info. Just a few fine details I can't quite understand yet. I'll be installing my own LED footwell lighting in my VT s2 acclaim in the next week or so.. Now, my car does NOT already have footwell lighting in it.. So I...