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  1. J

    Cool map of every postcode in Victoria with numbers of Holdens and Fords

    Hi all, Just thought I'd join your forums as a Commodore lover/owner and to spread the word about this map I've created using FOI data we got from VicRoads. It shows every postcode in Victoria and maps them out with either red (more Holdens), blue (more Fords), purple (exactly the same...
  2. speed__demond

    [VIC] vr II versus falcon ef

    i have a commodore vr series 2, extractors and cat back. my mate has a stock ef falcon but keeps going on that it will flog my commo. yes it has more kw but my old eb had more aswell yet the v6 destroys it. thoughts anyone?
  3. Wherry951

    Holden or Ford?! HSV or FPV?!

    Oh god the biggest question known to Australians in my opinion So which do you prefer? Holden Or Ford? And HSV or FPV? And post your reasons to why you prefer the one you chose. I know its obviously Holden due to this site but just curious at why people do choose one over the other
  4. S

    Ford Jokes :-)

    Q: What did the HOLDEN say to the Ford? A: Better start running. Q: Whats worse then a missing toilet bowl? A: Driving a Ford. Q: What kind of car did Fred Flinstone drive? A: A ford of course, and it ain't much different now! Q: How much wood could a Ford ute haul if a Ford ute...