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  1. I

    Need Purchase advice please :)

    Hi all. Im looking at buying a 1998 VS III Statesman and i would like some advice from ya'll about what you guys think, common problem, what to look for and whether or not i should go for it. I've found one that fits my budget perfectly. Heres a link of the car im after. 1998 HOLDEN...
  2. L

    [NSW] For Sale: VY/VZ RHS Clubsport side skirt Brand New FiberGlass

    Location: Central Coast region bout an hour north of sydney Price: $100 O.N.O Condition: New (Un-Used) Description: Aftermarket Fiberglass Right Hand Side (Drivers Side) VY clubsport style Side Skirt Should Fit VZ also. Brand New only needed to replace my passenger side skirt as it...
  3. UW1SH

    Whats it worth

    Hi im wondering if people could give me some estimates on what my car is worth. I wanna sell it im chasin around $4000. Its a factory vr v65speed. Lsd (not sure of ratio) near rear gearbox seal, new front gearbox seal, new clutch, new rear crank seal, new sump gasket, new inlet manifold gasket...
  4. faBReGaS

    [VIC] F/S 2003 VY SS 6-Speed Manual.

    FS: 2003 BLACK VY SS Sedan - Mafless tune, OTRCAI, Full exhaust 251rwkw ITEM: 03 BLACK VY SS MANUAL. PRICE: $17,000. LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne YEAR: Late 2003 SERIES: VY BADGE: SS ENGINE: 5.7ltr V8 TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Manual COLOUR: Black EXTERIOR CONDITION: A few visible...
  5. C

    tf gemini not sure i can sellher????

    ITEM: Details removed