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front bar

  1. Adrian's Vr

    What bumper is this?

    Does anyone know what this bumper is off and is anyone selling one around Melbourne area
  2. JustVT.Tings

    VT/VX - Front bumper gaps - tab/clips broken - Repair ideas/fixes?

    So after years of reading forums from here I finally joined justcommodores as a member and wish i made the choice to be years ago Anyway as the title briefly describes what can be done to Repair/Fix/Replace/Modify the Front bumper bar to get it mounted and sitting flush at the section below...
  3. B

    VX SS body kit on a VT

    hey i got a 2000 vt and bought a vx ss front bar to put on, can i wire up and chuck in fog lights? if so, is it difficult?
  4. DeadxPatriot

    [NSW] Bonnet and Front Bar Swap for VE SSV

    DESCRIPTION: Swap or Trade ITEM: Looking to swap my Pontiac G8 Front Bar and Bonnet for a normal black SS-V Front bar and bonnet. (Lights etc included however think they're the same) LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: Used. Still on my car. Picked up my car roughly a month ago so its...
  5. 9

    help with front bar?! D:

    hey guys iv just gone out and bought myself a vs ss front bar for my 93 VR ute and was wondering how the hell i get my original bar off the ute?! the nuts on the bolts on the back of the bar closest to the front wheel are impossible to get into! thanks in advance guys i appreciate it :)
  6. BigBoss

    Calais front bar on Omega?

    Hey lads, Just wanting to know if a Calais front bar will fit an Omega? and what will it cost me to get a front bar painted from white to black? Thanks
  7. makdaddz

    Monaro kit on a vt exec.

    hey guys, just wondering, will a manaro front bar and all fit on a VT EXEC ? get my car on saturday, just wondering what would be the go to have the manaro front bar, another question is, what side skirts and rear bar should i use? its my first car, so just wondering what you guys think
  8. 1

    [VIC] WTB: vt hood/bonnet and front bar/bumper

    ITEM: a commodore vt bonnet and also a front bumper. would preferably be blue but not desperate as can be coloured LOCATION: victoria, goulburn valley CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: around the $80 mark each, as can be bought for $100 off ebay DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pick up...
  9. H


    Hey I'm looking for a white vx/vu ss front bar for my VU II S, with or without foggies. Also, I bought the ute second hand and was already lowered on pedders, but the rear is still a little higher...Is it just a matter of getting new lower springs in the back to make it level, or do i need...
  10. markgfs

    cv8z front bar on vt series1

    anybody know if the cv8z monaro front bars are still a standard straight swap on the vt like the other monaro front bars are? cv8z front bar: thanks alot everybody.