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front end

  1. K

    The infamous front end 'clunk'.

    hey guys. I recently read a thread from a member concerning the 'clunk' being a simple tightening of 4 nuts on the braces between the firewall and engine. EVERYTHING about the symptoms is exactly the same in mine. except.... His car was a VT. Mine is a VE SV6. Has anyone found the mysterious...
  2. M

    Vx ss front reo bar bent

    Hey guys, The front reo bar on my vx ss is shagged all bent and buckled out of shape. Just wondering if a reo bar from other models can be used on it? Like vt and ss or executive acclaim all those sort of different commodores or are they all the same across vt/vx? Cheers for the help
  3. G-Rex

    Front end noise wn series II caprice

    hi new member here first post , have a 2017 caprice and it has this slight noise/wine in the left hand front side of the car ? have taken it to tyre shop for balance/align and they said everything was fine but they could hear the noise? is there any factory problems/ recalls I've missed thanks
  4. H

    Lowered my VF

    Hey guys, I had my VF SII SV6 lowered with King Springs. Every time I go over a decent bump or hole I get a knocking noise mainly on the front left. The front right seems ok. Taken it back to the shop that changed the springs and they said they can’t find anything wrong....any ideas???? Cheers...
  5. M

    Vs Front end fittings

    Hey i was just wondering if it was possible to fit a Statesmens WH front end on my VS s 96, i hit a kangaroo and its not bad or anything, just the hood cant close correctly and my old man has the WH in the back yard for parts so would ot be possible
  6. J

    Nolathane caster kit creaking/grinding

    Hi all, New member here, been perusing this site for many years and have only just decided to sign up. Looking for some advice/help. Just installed a nolathane caster kit in my vz sv6 ute. Since doing so it's been making a strange creaking/grinding noise from the front end. The funny thing...
  7. L

    2009 Pontiac G8 - Holden Commodore Suspension

    Looking for some information regarding front end pull on my car. Driving down the road straight, the car goes straight and works fine. Take a corner at normal speed, the car will start pulling to that side after the turn for a while - about a mile or 2 driving straight. Take a turn fast and...
  8. M

    Front End Rattles And Clunks

    Hi, im having problems with my VT. When im driving it, it sounds like there is a loose bolt and nut. It rattles really bad and cant seem to see why. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. PS- Have recently changes both link bolts to the new bent shape. Have also done front brake pads.