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  1. Aeltaen

    VX to VZ conversion

    Hi guys and Gals, I'm trying to convert the front of my VX to a VZ since I have some headlights from Spectrum eyes on their way. I have the front guards and buying the front bumper in a few days. I was wondering if I need anything else to do the conversion? I.E Bonnet, reo bar?
  2. Adrian's Vr

    What bumper is this?

    Does anyone know what this bumper is off and is anyone selling one around Melbourne area
  3. J

    Front end clunking noises.

    So it started around 2-3 months ago when I had come back from work and started driving my car out of the car park. Upon going over a speed bump in the carpark I could hear this clunking noise emitting from the front left wheel arch. For the entirety of the drive home, any mediocre bump would...
  4. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  5. R

    Aftermarket headlight fitment and front bumper sag

    Hi guys, So ever since i installed my new headlights (aftermarket projector) ive realised that the panel gap between the bottom of the headlight and the bumper is just ridiculous. Ive also noticed that the gap where bumper meets the hood, one side has a bigger gap than the other. Now...
  6. W

    VX SS suspension querstion

    G'day, Does anyone know if there are some lower profile suspension i could put up front of a VX SS that will keep the car at stock height? I picked up a set of machined VE series rims and they all go on perfect except when the car is lowered. Wheel size is 245/35/r18. When the car comes...
  7. S

    VE front shocks on VS???

    Gday there I have a VS and bought a set of VE Series 1 18s to fit on there. I know I have to get the hubs machined but I've also got the issue that the 245/45s on there won't fit under the stock shocks. Can I fit the VE front shocks or do they have a different mounting setup coz I really don't...
  8. A

    [QLD] SWAP: My VY style clubsport front bumper (to suit VX) for your VX SS front bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Swap - VY style clubsport front bumper in exchange for VX SS front bumper ITEM: VY clubsport fiberglass front bumper to suit VX (made for tear drop headlights). Currently in primer, ready to be painted. LOCATION: Pine Mountain, QLD 4306 (10 minutes west from Ipswich on the...
  9. J

    Weird metal clapping noise coming from front of car

    Hey fellas, not sure if anyone has encounted a similar issue, it seems to be on the left side up the front of the car, It sounds like metal is being slapped against metal. It only happens when: 1 - i go over bumps and rocky areas (A real let down considering much of my area on the CC is ****...
  10. Notorious_Matt

    [QLD] 600x300x75 Front mount Intercooler

    DESCRIPTION: Willing to swap for a smaller FMIC or just outright sell it.. Trying to clear out all of my unnecessary car parts from my garage. ITEM: Been used on a 2003 VY Commodore and a 1988 KE Ford Laser. PRICE: $80 w/ shipping or $70 pick up LOCATION: Maryborough QLD CONDITION: Used -...
  11. stevebutler

    I've had enough.

    Right i've had enough with this stupid VT. Can anyone think of any part of the car that could be causing the highbeams to draw small amounts of power from the passenger low beam (when the high beams are off), and only the drivers side highbeam to work (passenger low beam dimming at the same...
  12. thecougar

    [VIC] WTB VZ Clubby Font Bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: A fully Genuine Plastic VZ HSV Clubsport Front bumper. (NO FIBREGLASS) LOCATION: VIC Melbourne, Eastern Subs bout 30min outside city. CONDITION: New or used not phased as long as cheap and in good nic. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I can travel to...
  13. newvsowner

    Crunch crunch

    Dear everyone, so i have a new weird problem. driving home from the station after work going over speed bumps, i get a 'crunch crunch' noise from the front left side when going over. it sounds like driving over really crunchy leaves. i have had that wheel off and cant see anything...
  14. speed__demond

    two sets splits up front??

    okay im a bit of a sound quality enthusiast, im thinking of buying another set of splits up front, but im not sure what it will exactly do.. does it just make it louder? or do people cross the woofers over at different frequencys?
  15. Kierab

    Another Spring Question...

    Ok so i know there are heaps of questions + answered about all types of kings springs on here, but what I need to know is about 'Kings Ultra Low Springs' in the front of my VS commodore. As much as I've tried, I can't seem to find much on ultra lows in the front for a VS. Anyway, would this...
  16. Kierab

    [NSW] WTB: Front Ultra Low springs for a VS sedan, live axle.

    DESCRIPTION:/ Wanted to Buy / ITEM: Front ultra low springs for a vs sedan. LOCATION: Northshore of NSW, Hornsby, Chatswood, etc... CONDITION:used, new would be nice though DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: i can arrange postage, or if your close ill drive. PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash, paypal if you...
  17. klampy

    Custom front bar. a RARITY these days.

    What do you think?
  18. J

    changing vp struts

    hey guys searched for a while but couldn't find anything on but i need to change my front struts on my series 2 vp wagon and was just wondering whether it is a reasonably easy job and any common problems that may occur whilst doing this, also is there anything else i should change while...
  19. A

    changing corner indicator?

    just wondering how to take out the front left hand side corner indicator, and put in a new one
  20. K

    Pontiac G8 GT Front clip.

    Hey guys, my name is Kb. i live in California and drive a Commodore in Pontiac clothing. ;) I love my G8 but i want to do a front end swap. How much do the VE front clips cost? The bumper, hood and foglamps? Also is anyone interested in doing a swap? I have a picture attached of my car. :thumbsup:
  21. richardpalinkas

    rear muffler vs front muffler

    hey people, i had a 2 1/2 sports exhaust installed (3.8L auto VX) a few months back, with no front muffler and a rear reso, and dont like the note, sounds too smooth and just not grunty enough. just wondering your thoughts on what sounds better for loudness and performance wise coz im thinking...
  22. clarmatt

    how to remove rear and front bumpers

    hey, im about to buy a vx bodykit for my vs i was wondering how to take off the rear bumper and front bumper. also do the side skirts just go straight on or do i need to pull anything off. sorry if stupid questions, first car just got it last week :D
  23. [Linkin Park]

    abs fault and weird grinding from the front of car

    hey, Well we just bought a 2nd hand 2004 vz commodore sedan with 53,000kms the abs fault thingy comes up and getting more frequent and lasts for about 6 seconds but there are no fault codes left so holden dont know what the problem is. my second problem doesnt happen always but it...