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  1. W

    E1 Clubsport lights?

    Hi guys does any one no where i could get after market lights or the proper ones for a e1 clubsport front bar got given a bar from a mate and cant seem to find much in the way of information on the first series of hsv's or do any other lights fit in the holes in the bar? Any help will be very...
  2. V

    VR VS grill

    hey just lookin around at gettin a new front bar and grill, i really like VY clubsport grills and would love to put on on there is that possible. oh but i dont want a VY clubby bodykit i reckon they look shite house is my opinion. only want jus the grill.
  3. M

    [QLD] VE HSV GTS Front Bar

    For sale is a VE HSV GTS front bar. The bar is Fibreglass and has never been fitted to a car. It is in excellent condition apart from a small shallow crack on the very bottom of the bar which can very easily be repaired when it is painted. Will really make a nice addition to any VE commodore...