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fuel gauge

  1. V

    Vx fuel gauge always empty

    Got an issue with my fuel gauge in a 2002 VX II Acclaim Sedan, the needle always shows empty and the DTE varies between 40-50kms. Any advice on how to diagnose it the fault is in the sender or cluster? Is there anywhere to check the resistance of the sender without dropping the tank or ripping...
  2. N

    Vz tonner fuel gauge stuck on empty

    Hi lads, I have a VZ tonner and the fuel gauge just sits on empty, with the alarm and low fuel warning on every start up and constant flashing bowser on dash led screen, when I turn the ign off the needle drops to resting place below the E, but will not move past the E line when key on, no...
  3. G

    Fuel Guage Fault

    Hi Everyone, Just got a problem with my VF. Whenever I fill up more than half a tank of Petrol, engine light comes on every time and guage doesn't move either, It stays stable doesn't move down. Anyone had a similar problem before?
  4. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...
  5. J

    Fuel Gauge Not reading right. vr commodore 94 HELPP!!

    So I here's the story Cars lowered scrapes a little bit Went to a car meet on the way home from it fuel gauge dropped to empty I panicked and went to the fuel station put roughly 40 litres in my 62l tank on my vr commodore. gave it a love tap or 2 when I noticed the gauge wasn't moving...
  6. paulforaname

    Fuel gauge issue VT V6 S2

    Hi all, My mums got a series 2 VT sedan and all of a sudden fuel gauge showing full and distance to empty show 700 odd kms. Fuel tank hasnt been replaced just happened over week. First it would show full then if driven few ks and restarted would go back to normal. Now just staying ar full...
  7. J

    Fuel Gauge not working after going over bumps

    I had half a tank of fuel then I drove on a dirt road. At the end of the road I noticed the gauge was all the way down and the fuel light came on. There are no leaks and the car still drives but Im not sure what might have come loose on that bloody road.
  8. T

    VT fuel gauge stuck after fuel pump replacement

    I was having problems with my fuel gauge showing empty when I still had some 30L in the tank. It wasn't a problem with the fuel gauge itself because the computer was coinciding with the fuel gauge in terms of "kms to go till empty". I replaced the fuel pump and sender assembly with a brand...
  9. T

    VZ Adventra LX6 - Dash errors, fuel gauge not working, ABS warning

    Hi all, thanks for your input to this helpful forum. Recently got my VZ Adventra LX6. Love it. Haven't owned a Holden since my VL days and I'm glad to be back. Yesterday I awoke to find that upon start up I had a problem.... * Fuel/temp gauges move from resting to Empty/0 degrees postition...
  10. T

    Speedo not working after dash conversion

    Hey all, I recently did a dash conversion in my vp to that of a vr...problem is that now my speedo doesn't work along with the fuel and temp gauges. The trip meter and odometer have also failed. I'm using the original wiring loom as well as the original instrument cluster so there...
  11. Barnzey90

    Ongoing Fuel Guage Problems

    Hi Guys, I’m new to these forums (first post actually) and I really need some help with the fuel gauge in my 04 VYII Calais Supercharged V6. I don't believe in hiding repairers name's etc. so here goes, I’ll try and keep it as brief but as detailed as possible. Note: I do waffle on for...
  12. M

    VZ - All dial gauges stuck

    I have a 2005 VZ Commodore wagon with 140K on the clock. All 4 of the needle/dial gauges have become stuck at some point whilst I was driving yesterday. The temp is at 1/3, the taco at 1,500 rpm, the speedo at 80km/h and the fuel at 3/4. Here's what I've discovered so far: - the digital...
  13. V

    Fuel Gauge not working VL

    Hi all AHs anyone had any problems with thier fuel gauge. It only works sometimes. Do you think that it has something to do with the connect with the fuel tank? If so what should I do...thanks
  14. T

    Just bought VR need some advice

    Hey everyone! I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to cars and so I have a few questions about the VR commodore I bought today. Didn't even know where to put oil in the engine till my man showed me :hmmm: It drives fine, I noticed it needs a wheel alignment or balance (don't know the...
  15. M

    VP Exec '93 fuel gauge problem

    went for a drive today and the gauge was fine - had about 1/2 tank... parked and then came back when i started up again i noticed it had gone down a bit... then as i kept driving it started diving down - i freaked and stopped to check i wasn't leaking fuel... the gauge ended up stopping just...
  16. J

    Fuel & Temp gauges not working

    My fuel and temp gauges have stopped working properly.(VR commodore) By "properly" I mean the needles now move only about a mm whereas the fuel used to read correctly (full range) and the temp would sit happily on about a third of max. I read in the forums that the voltage regulator often...
  17. R

    Dodgy fuel guage sender on VS wagon

    The fuel gauge works reliably most of the time. Sometimes though, it drops to zero and the "fuel empty" warning flashes and beeps. Later in the day, when i start the car, it works fine again. Its not a sticky gauge, and if the sender is stuffed, why would it work most of the time? Could it be a...
  18. M

    How much fuel used when gauge on empty?

    Hi all, On earlier Commodores (VT - VY), if the fuel gauge was sitting on empty, the tank would always take 60L or so to fill. I'm finding that on the VE Berlina I'm putting in 70L or so. I was wondering if my gauge is faulty - a dealer said it should be taking 62L, but at the same time...