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fuel injected

  1. V

    [202] HELP! Does anyone have or know knowledge about a 202 efi w/ VR Computer?

    i have an '85 VK Calais its 202 Fuel Injected, supra 5 speed, with a VR ECM.... does anyone have any knowledge about the VR Computer upgrade? so im just searching for individuals with knoledge of this upgrade any help would be appreciated and would really help me out. thanks guys :smoking:
  2. Denno

    VK Berlina - Fuel Injected

    ----------------------------- ----==== SOLD ====----- ----------------------------- ITEM: VK Commore Berlina, first of the fuel injected commodores I beleive. LOCATION: Seaford Rise, South Australia YEAR: June 1985 SERIES: VK BADGE: Berlina ENGINE: It's a red one? lol...