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fuel line

  1. Nicholas1979


    I bought a stato 2001 wh that was just pretty much a body that had been painted, got it pretty cheap. I also have a donar car which is a vt calais ls1. So far I have put the motor in and I also needed to put in all the brake lines, however these being statesman I had to take them off another...
  2. T

    Need help plumbing/installing fuel cell.

    Gday, I'm new here and need some help. I have just finished my custom twin 3" exhaust system on my 99 VT LS1 sedan and I've run the pipes out each side. As you know I've had to take the fuel tank out to do this. I have my fuel cell, two holes down the bottom and two up the top on each side. I...

    3/8 aluminium fuel line

    I am in the process of puttin a hot 202 with triple 45 webers and full manual tri matic in a lc torana and i was ringing around for 3/8 bundy line and efi hardware in nunawading sell aluminium line, i have never heard of anything other than steel or brass line, Is this line ok for legalities and...