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fuel problems

  1. K

    Vr V6 Engine Swap No Injector Pulse

    Hi there, i have a mazda b2200 that i have swapped a vp v6 into and im using the vr wiring loom. I have recently bought a mace memcal with VATS disabled and it still wont go. theres plenty of spark and the injectors have power ive freed them up but theres no negative pulse. Hopefully someone can...
  2. family fix it man

    Vs fuel mistery ?

    Ok, so I’ve done the basics. New injectors, new fuel pump and filter, new air filter, cleaned the chamber, maf, etc. My car is VS V6 manual. New spark plugs, leads tested good. Coils ok I think. Here is my problem, the engine is missing when I put my foot down. Ok, lots of things could be...
  3. C

    fuel problems

    OK, so I recently poked a hole in my fuel tank and replaced it with a second hand tank and ever so be then it hasn't wanted to pump fuel.I thought it was a busted pump so I pulled the pump out of my old tank and put it in and it still isn't pumping fuel. In just wondering if there is anything I...
  4. T

    Fuel Problem and Exhaust Rattle

    Got a VR and I'm going through a tank in around 300ks and that's babying it. I'm using 91. I replaced the pressure regulator and that took the fuel consumption down but not by much now, I'm wondering what else it could be? Fuel filter didn't look that old but when I get paid I'm Going to be...
  5. C

    VS Commodore Probs... Can anyone help?

    Hey, I've got a VS Commodore 1997 done 155000km, driven normally. It seems to be chewing fuel really bad and also the temp will keep going from 1/4 to 3/4 and slowly back to 1/4 then up again. When I got it I put $20 (normal) in and it did 100km, then $37 (prem) in and it did 90km, then $30...
  6. squiblex

    VK 308 fuel system problems

    hello i just bought a VK 308 pretty standard besides an exhaust an aparently stage three heads an a cam ( yet to find out ) it has a in tank fuel pump an sender unit an the things completly cactus!! im havin trouble findin a replacement wrekers dont have any an im to poor to buy genuine lol i...
  7. Y

    Low Level Fuel Problems

    In my VP when i get down to about 1/3 to 1/4 of a tank the car starts to splutter and carry on. Would this be sludge and crap in the tank or would it be some type of pick up problem? not too keen on taking the tank out to find out its some other problem. can anyone help out there?fue
  8. J

    Fuel, Has to be fuel!

    My VR is Starting first time in the driveway. Then after driving for a while it will stall or after i stop the car it just wont start again. either wont start again or does and stalls about 2 km down the road. Wait 10-20 mins and she goes again! Can do this up to five times on the one...