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fuel pump problem

  1. SUS231

    Vr Ute fuel pump issue?

    Hey guys, so I’ve posted this problem before on my vr v6 thinking it was something else, here’s a recap anyway in case you missed it. I got this problem that’s giving me grief about my Ute lol, when I bought the Ute a year ago, everything was sweet on it, ran pretty good for what it was...
  2. Almighty vt

    VT losing power upon acceleration

    Hi all, have an annoying problem with My car (1999 VT commodore) wouldn't start the other day unless I pushed the accelerator while turning the key, after it started if I let my foot off the accelerator the car would stall, I held it at 1k revs (idle revs when cold) for a minute and let off to...
  3. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ls1 fuel pump cut out while driving

    Hey would any one know why my fuel pump would just cut out while i was driving its not the pump because i ran power to it and it worked and theres no power to the relay when i bypassed it need car to get to work any help would be appreciated
  4. nekzuu

    Holden VR won't start!!!

    Hey guys, This is my first post to the forums and before I do so, I'd just like to say hey hey :D Anyway back to the point, I've recently picked up a '94 Holden VR Exec which wouldn't start due to the fact no fuel was travelling through the lines to the engine, and after a bit of digging...
  5. B

    Need help fixing up my vs

    Hi everyone I'm Brandi. I'm 16 And I've got this old vs that mum gave me. I've been working on it for a few years now and it seems like everytime I fix something on it something else breaks. The newest problem is that there is something wrong with the fuel pump. I checked to see if there was any...
  6. C

    holden commodore v6 wagon Berlina 1995 always filling up tank?

    Holden Berlina v6 1995 wagon I need to fill up the fuel tank all the time, if the oil goes below 1/2 tank, I cannot start up the engine after driving. it doesn't stall while driving the capacity is 68L but I need to fill up after consuming every 30 L. I've checked the forum...
  7. T

    VY ute fuel pump

    my vy is having fuel pump issues, shudders at highway speeds and when taking of from a dead stop. looking at replacing the fuel pump my question is will a VX sedans fuel pump fit my Vy ute ( my old man has an old written off vx just want to know if they will fit before i dive into it) Cheers
  8. H

    VT '99 sedan - intermittent starting problem

    Hi everyone, it's my first time posting to the Commodore forum. The other day my car wouldn't start after a dozen attempts. Each time, the engine cranked/started but immediately cut out. It seemed like no fuel was reaching the engine. (It's done this intermittently in the past when the engine...
  9. S

    Vs commodore fuel pump head scratcher

    Hi guys, I have recently done an engine swap in my 95 vs executive. I wired everything up went to start it and all it did was crank. First thing I checked was spark. Second thing I checked was fuel. I noticed my fuel pump was not priming after letting it sit for about an hour before trying to...
  10. T

    Battery drain\fuel problem?

    hey guys, I need some help\confirmation, since I haven't been doing this long enough. I've had a fuel problem for ages, like in a previous post, but only yesterday, when I went to drop kids off at school and day care, I noticed the strong smell of fuel, and then went to crank my car and it...
  11. G

    vl fuel pump issues

    hey guys first post for a longtime reader!i recently converted my na vl to manual now it wont start,fuel pump wont prime but it works if i bridge it.i have bridged the purple wires for neutral lockout so it kicks over just wont start.ive seen a few posts with same prob but frustratingly no...
  12. S

    Vn series one manual conversion issue

    Hello, Im Chris and I own a toyota lexcen (series one vn) that i just literally finished putting in a vp series 2 Engine tail shaft (re-conned) T5 Borg warner 5 speed pedal box and new HD clutch & cable, running tune length auscar pacemaker extractors 2.5 from cat back stoked with all the work...
  13. K

    Fuel Pump Faulty?

    Hey all, Just sort of confirming what im thinking. I took my car out this morning after it had been sitting there for about 3-4 months and i drove down the road then turned around to come back (as it was just to test the car) and it stalled on me, when i tried to restart it just kept dry...
  14. S

    Help please - 92 vq statesman with vs ss engine.

    Hey people, I bought myself a 92 Vq 5.0L as I first car with a vs ss engine in it. What is happening is I've had a few problems lately and it's ended up in my car trying to kick over but something's stopping it. It's sputtering and doing tiny backfires. What first happened is one day...
  15. F

    mystery fuel pump problem vp 3.8L v6

    car stopped working thought problem was immobilizer so disconnected immobilizer system car was still not working and no fuel pump noise, so replaced fuel pump with new unit still no noise so checked fuel pump connection with test light and power was there thought there might be problem with fuel...
  16. bazinga

    Fuel pump questions

    I have a vn calais 5litre on dual fuel but ever since i have owned it the fuel pump has not worked so i can only run the car on gas.Im thinking of getting the fuel pump fixed very soon just wanted to know the answers to these questions. Fuel pump expensive to get and fitted?what would be a...
  17. S

    vx backfiring (gas converted) fuel pump fuse and air box continuosly blowing!!

    Hi Guys, First Timer Here! I hope anyone may have some suggestions please *crosses fingers* VX Aclaim Series 2.. Took to Midas for a major service which was due. But had no prior complaints before hand. Come back and the car backfires, which i guess is normal for gas conversions on the...
  18. VTEZN

    Car cuts out when turning right

    Hey guys plzzz i need ya help over the past 2 weeks ive been having 2 major problems with my 1999 VT S S2. 1. Was verry hard to start in the morning. After around 15 mins id get it going. only happened in the morning. 2. When my fuel tank reaches below 150km i have a cut out problem when...