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fuel pump

  1. L

    Upgraded Fuel pump and injector advice

    hi all. Just got my car back (vz crewman 6ltr) and its making good power, 330 at the wheels but now my issue is fuel flow. I have a NOS system installed and I have been told I need to have enough flow or bang but its already struggling without NOS. Can anyone tell me the flow rate of...
  2. E

    Lifespan of standard parts...

    What are people's experience on the lifespan of their VT parts in kms, assuming it's from the factory, DFI modules, Coils, Fuel pump, Belt Tensioners, steering pump etc? I'm guessing by the 200,000km mark pretty much all sensors would have been replaced, and potentially the coils and DFI and...
  3. J

    Changing out fuel pump vz sv6

    Hi guys, My car is stationery in my garage, job is above my skill level, mostly the jacking up and taking out and putting back the fuel tank, so I need to get someone to do it. What would be a ok price for someone to do it do you guys think if I supply the fuel pump?
  4. V

    VY SS Crewman Fuel Pump

    Was hoping on some insight on my fuel pump assembly. I recently changed the fuel pump and screen but I used the old housing. The fuel pump sounded like it was sucking air a bit, thought at first i had the pick up sitting in the wrong place; I removed the hold down plate and played around with...
  5. S

    LFX Fuel Pump compatibility with LLT Engine

    Hi Everyone, Apologies if this had been asked before...I couldn't find this specific info. Can anyone tell me if I can run a LFX Fuel pump in an LLT engine without any modifications? I know that Holden list them as different parts but the LFX pump looks the same so wondering if it will run in...
  6. W

    AFI Fuel Sender Issue

    Hey! Recently I changed out my Fuel pump in my VX with an AFI Fuel pump and the sender constantly reads empty, I checked the fuel gauge in the dash diagnostics and it still goes up as well as the fuel remaining says 5L even though there's about 30L in the tank, I checked the float and it's not...
  7. Wickham_1995


    Hey guys, I have a 09 hsv e2 senny sig 6.2l and was looking under the rear seat at the wiring and i've noticed on the left hand side (Battery side) the wiring loom is exposed and in one it is melted and burnt. Would anyone know what this loom is for/controlling? Ive had 2 fuel pump failures in...
  8. Wickham_1995


    Hey guys, I have a 09 hsv e2 senny sig 6.2l and was looking under the rear seat at the wiring and i've noticed on the left hand side (Battery side) the wiring loom is exposed and in one it is melted and burnt. Would anyone know what this loom is for/controlling? Ive had 2 fuel pump failures in...
  9. scaredyet

    Low Fuel Warning Issue

    A couple of months ago I developed a low fuel warning issue with my 2005 VZ Wagon. Even though I had a full tank of fuel each time I would start my car I get a low fuel warning. I press mode on my dash to remove the warning but the fuel icon is still stays. The warning doesn't come back while...
  10. G

    VX loses power running on petrol, fine on gas

    picked up my Grans VX a couple of weeks ago, done 55000km dual fuel and in overall great condition. Has been running well the last few weeks on gas and petrol, but the last few days running on petrol, it’s suddenly lost power, engine was still running but wouldn’t rev over 2500 and had to pull...
  11. D

    Fuel tank problem

    Hey, I have a 1995 vr ute v6 5speed. I went to the servo this morning to fill up. The tank was nearly emptied but the bowser kept cutting off around 12lts and pissed fuel out under the car. Anyone know what this could be. Thanks
  12. Timmy55

    Fuel pump

    I think I have to replace my fuel pump, is it a good idea to change my fuel filter while I’m at it? the car has just over 200,000 and not sure if its ever been replaced? The car will randomly die on me. Sometimes when it’s hot and sometimes 1min after starting it? Iv changed the CAS thinking it...
  13. Mewrad

    Vs Ute wont start

    hey, new to forums and to working on cars but wondering if i could get some help or advice, i have an issue with fuel pump im pretty sure. cant hear it when i turn on ignition and car will sometimes start then cut out. i have checked error codes and i got flash 1 and then 2 flashes which im...
  14. D

    Fuel Pump isn't Running

    Got a 2002 VX SS (Gen III LS1) it will crank but won't start by itself. If given power to the fuel pump through an external source or giving the rails fuel through an external source it will fire and run fine. It threw code "theft deterrent fuel circuit enable" or something similar once on my...
  15. K

    Fuel pump

    so im turbocharging my vt commdore, its a stock engine and im planning on putting 36lb fuel injectors i dont plan on maxing it out i just want to have a fun but still somewhat reliably car. Ive had a look at the fuel pumps and from what i thought i knew about what size i would need i cant find...
  16. D

    Key battery missing when car was purchased, car won't start anymore.

    I've recently purchased a 99 VT equipe from my mother, who has upgraded, the key was already buggered and has been taken apart.. so it has no battery, which means no use of buttons, door lock entry etc.. but car would 99.9% of the time start second attempt at turning over. Now it cranks and...
  17. Bevan2000

    Vl Fuel pump problem

    Gday, i recently bought a vl commodore duel fuel, runs on gas fine but on petrol it doesn't run at all. ive checked the fuses and there all getting power ( front of the cars getting power) when i turn it to ignition i dont hear the fuel pump prime at all. i check the pump with a test light and...
  18. V

    VF tracking device

    Hi, I've just bought my first brand new car at age 57 and I've fitted a tracking device from Jaycar. Works great but I want to also use it to immobilize the car via text message. I thought I could do this by cutting the power to the fuel pump but I don't want to do anything that will void...
  19. boomer03

    Mystery not starting problem

    Hi all. Been a long time since I've been here. Lost my VK in the divorce. Sigh... Anyway, daughters VX V6 wagon has a starting problem. It won't start immediately. She has to put the key in and turn the ignition on, then wait for 6 minutes. I don't know why 6 minutes, but it will then start...
  20. V

    VS V6 Ecotec Cranks But Will Not Start When Cold

    Hi everyone, I have a VS Equipe V6 Ecotec which for the past few months has had difficulty in starting when cold. Sometimes the car will crank 10 times before it will fire but this morning it failed to start despite numerous attempts to crank it over. A very good friend of mine checked the...
  21. M

    Commodore VT turns off randomely

    Hey guys, I am a German backpacker and bought a Commodore from 1998 for my travels. I drove it 200km so far and the engine keeps shutting down during driving, it happened 4 times so far. It just turns off when I press the accelerator and I have to start it again. I sometimes have problems to...
  22. L

    fuel pump

    The fuel pump on my VT V6 acclaim was brittle and snapped on top where the hoses connect. The electric cable on it was a four pin, the new one I got is a six pin is there a reason for it not working? Aka wrong pump maybe?
  23. Nessie1996

    1996 VS Sedan V6 - Fuel Pump not Priming

    Car: 1996 Holden Commodore Executive II - 3.8L Ecotec V6 NA - 4L60E Auto Trans - has AC - not ABS Hey guys, I'm just creating this thread so that when I fix it I can let you know what the fox went wrong. So here's what's up: - Cranks; does NOT start. - New Fuel Pump; NOT priming. -...
  24. danielnitschke

    2002 VX Series II - What Fuel Pump do I need?

    Such a **** show. I've got ten different people telling me eleven different things. I have a 2002 VX Commodore - Series 2 Acclaim VIN : L815xxx Does it need the pump with the pins in a straight line like o o o o or with two above and two below : : Figure you guys would know.
  25. K

    Vx l67, not starting

    So this happened the other day and cleared itself, turn the key and no noise, ie the sound you get initially with injectors coming online. No start just turning over with no fire up. As I said this cleared itself the other day. Had the mechanic have a look and he said the fuel pump is working...
  26. C

    installed harrop charger, some tips on a few things please?

    Hey guys, so update on my car, ive just recently installed a harrop hh112 top mount supercharger kit to my 06 vz ss l76.. ####ed the lifters and bent a push rod first install coz i didnt know you had to remove the dod lifters lol.. so off came the heads and charger and replaced all push rods...
  27. J

    vs 5L losing power

    Here's the story, car was running fine other then a new voltage regulator last week. Today while hot I lost a power and stalled, all symptoms looked like vapour lock but I understand vapour lock is rear in efi engines. The engine and oil light came on and the fuel pump sounded stuttery when I...
  28. M

    Vs v8 wagon fuel sender position

    Hi, This is my first post, I apologise in advance if I've mucked something up! I have a vs v8 wagon with fuel gauge issues, I've taken it out, tested it and all if fine with the sender. I have also tried another dash and that reads the same. It will go no higher then 3/4 on the gauge...
  29. M

    vt Sputtering

    Hi, would like to know what is causing what might be sputtering? when accelerator is lifted off quickly. also when i reverse my vt up the driveway and also when accelerated is pushed down (not slowly) i think it sort of sounds bubbly..? maybe sputter?. could it be the fuel pump or something...
  30. T

    [VT-VX] VT series 1 sedan fuel pump problem solved

    Gudday peeps. I've used this forum to obtain heaps of great information on all sorts of Commodore related issues over the years so I thought I'd add a bit of my own experience for others to enjoy, particularly the VT series 1 fuel tank and pump. Its a dual fuel model. Would not start in petrol...
  31. K

    Fuel Pump Faulty?

    Hey all, Just sort of confirming what im thinking. I took my car out this morning after it had been sitting there for about 3-4 months and i drove down the road then turned around to come back (as it was just to test the car) and it stalled on me, when i tried to restart it just kept dry...
  32. D

    vr blowing excessive black smoke

    Ok so I had the car at the mechanics to have the trailing arm bushes done.. I've got it back blowing a **** load of black smoke, idle is going mental, too high, then crashes and stalls.. it used half a tank to drive 32ks.. it didn't do this before it went in there and they had no need to touch...
  33. P

    unsure about Fuel pump swap

    whats up? i've just been looking around on the internet and saw alot of videos and things where people have put a v8 fuel pump in their ecotec. was just wondering id there's any noticable gains when driving the car if i did that or if i'd need to do work to the engine? also i own a 2001 vx...
  34. T

    VTII V8 Gen III wont start fuel issue

    Hi Guys, I have been having a little trouble lately starting my V8 GenIII Calais. Most of the time it starts 1st go, but occasionally it takes 2 or 3 tries. The car has been idling rough for a while now, but seems to have the same get up an go as when I first got it. Yesterday the car...
  35. T

    VT fuel gauge stuck after fuel pump replacement

    I was having problems with my fuel gauge showing empty when I still had some 30L in the tank. It wasn't a problem with the fuel gauge itself because the computer was coinciding with the fuel gauge in terms of "kms to go till empty". I replaced the fuel pump and sender assembly with a brand...
  36. F

    mystery fuel pump problem vp 3.8L v6

    car stopped working thought problem was immobilizer so disconnected immobilizer system car was still not working and no fuel pump noise, so replaced fuel pump with new unit still no noise so checked fuel pump connection with test light and power was there thought there might be problem with fuel...
  37. K

    Just stops???????

    Hi guys My VX Wagon just stops while driving in hot days. During last week never stopped because of friendly whether. even I drive it regularly around 100ks. But week before last week It stopped about about 20 times in 10ks. Actually while driving its motor just stops, you pull it inside...
  38. S

    Wiring problems in a VR ute, no power ANYWHERE!!

    hi, just replaced the fuel pump in my Vr series II ute, ran for a minute now nothing!! fuel pump wont wind up at all, and now it wont turn over because im only getting 4V to the starter. im getting 12V to all my relays and fuses, but the fuel pump fuse is only getting 11V. should this be a...
  39. S

    Vs commodore issues

    Hey guys need some opinions. my 95 vs commodore ran out of petrol the other week, died at the petrol station, then i filled it up and it was fine for the drive home ( 10 mins). i took it for a drive not long after and it cut out on me, and wouldnt start,,after getting it towed home and leaving...
  40. B

    VP ute

    Hi Commodore lovers. Im hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. My VP ute ran out of petrol and then wouldnt run on petyrol after that so I changed the fuel pump and it made no difference so I have tested the circuit and it appears to be all good so I pulled the pump out again and...