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fuel sender

  1. W

    AFI Fuel Sender Issue

    Hey! Recently I changed out my Fuel pump in my VX with an AFI Fuel pump and the sender constantly reads empty, I checked the fuel gauge in the dash diagnostics and it still goes up as well as the fuel remaining says 5L even though there's about 30L in the tank, I checked the float and it's not...
  2. D

    Fuel tank problem

    Hey, I have a 1995 vr ute v6 5speed. I went to the servo this morning to fill up. The tank was nearly emptied but the bowser kept cutting off around 12lts and pissed fuel out under the car. Anyone know what this could be. Thanks
  3. C

    holden commodore v6 wagon Berlina 1995 always filling up tank?

    Holden Berlina v6 1995 wagon I need to fill up the fuel tank all the time, if the oil goes below 1/2 tank, I cannot start up the engine after driving. it doesn't stall while driving the capacity is 68L but I need to fill up after consuming every 30 L. I've checked the forum...
  4. D

    [VIC] VL 6 cylinder fuel tank wanted

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VL Commodore 6 cylinder fuel tank with in tank pump, straps, sender and filler neck. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria (Western Suburbs) CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel within 150km to pick up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash...
  5. T

    VT fuel gauge stuck after fuel pump replacement

    I was having problems with my fuel gauge showing empty when I still had some 30L in the tank. It wasn't a problem with the fuel gauge itself because the computer was coinciding with the fuel gauge in terms of "kms to go till empty". I replaced the fuel pump and sender assembly with a brand...
  6. J

    Fuel & Temp gauges not working

    My fuel and temp gauges have stopped working properly.(VR commodore) By "properly" I mean the needles now move only about a mm whereas the fuel used to read correctly (full range) and the temp would sit happily on about a third of max. I read in the forums that the voltage regulator often...
  7. J

    Fuel, Has to be fuel!

    My VR is Starting first time in the driveway. Then after driving for a while it will stall or after i stop the car it just wont start again. either wont start again or does and stalls about 2 km down the road. Wait 10-20 mins and she goes again! Can do this up to five times on the one...