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fuel tank

  1. Dj1crook

    fuel overflows on full tank

    G'day everyone, I have a VR and every time I go to full tank it (till the pump clicks) it always seems to overflow I can tell because when it does overflow the petrol spills onto the ground (I can sometimes if I'm careful enough, minimise the amount lost) I suspect its a faulty overflow...
  2. D

    Fuel tank problem

    Hey, I have a 1995 vr ute v6 5speed. I went to the servo this morning to fill up. The tank was nearly emptied but the bowser kept cutting off around 12lts and pissed fuel out under the car. Anyone know what this could be. Thanks
  3. Jessi Meekin


    PLEASE HELP ME!!!! So I’m wanting to get an OBD1 BLUETOOTH/WIFI scanner for my 1992 VP Holden Commodore. I’ve been told I have a 6 pin adapter located where the glove box is and that an OBD2 scanner won’t work in my car as it’s fairly old... I’ve been looking on eBay and so far I’ve had no...
  4. D

    VZ how to drain fuel and remove fuel filter

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me out, I own a 2005 VZ Calais V8 gen, which hasn't been started up and driven for about 4 years, I've already replaced the oil and oil filter and new battery, all that's left is to drain the fuel out of car and put new fuel in. I was just wondering if...
  5. B

    How to install fuel tank back into VP

    On the top of the tank there is 3 hoses. 2 1/4" and one bigger hose. I've got the 2 1/4" hoses on just wondering how to get the thicker hose on as it isn't long enough to do with the tank hanging?
  6. G

    Fuel tanks

    Gday can anyone tell me if sedan and or wagon tanks can be installed into a ute without stuffing around? Also what are the sizes of tanks in the VS range i have heard about 55, 60, 68, 75 and 80 lts tanks . Thanks
  7. C

    holden commodore v6 wagon Berlina 1995 always filling up tank?

    Holden Berlina v6 1995 wagon I need to fill up the fuel tank all the time, if the oil goes below 1/2 tank, I cannot start up the engine after driving. it doesn't stall while driving the capacity is 68L but I need to fill up after consuming every 30 L. I've checked the forum...
  8. C

    Fuel Tank "Sloshing"

    Hi, picked up our new SV6 Storm last weekend. Not sure if anyone has brought up this topic before. We were reversing it into a car park the other night and we could hear the fuel in the fuel tank "sloshing" around as we were applying the brake to slowing go into the car park. Does anyone...
  9. M

    Vt 5ltr Fuel Tank Sucking in

    Hey, anyone know what makes a fuel tank suck in? Its got a brand new charcoal filter and fuel pump in it but for some teason the rank will suck in air? Mr 5ltr has drilled a hole in a spare fuel cap and it hasnt done it since i just dont want to drive around with a hole in my fuel cap. Haha any...
  10. M

    Vs v8 wagon fuel sender position

    Hi, This is my first post, I apologise in advance if I've mucked something up! I have a vs v8 wagon with fuel gauge issues, I've taken it out, tested it and all if fine with the sender. I have also tried another dash and that reads the same. It will go no higher then 3/4 on the gauge...
  11. S

    Please Help

    Cant find cause of several problems, any idea's appreciated. Vx series1, Bad vibration/ shudder on drivers side when braking mostly down hill from 100+k to any from 80-60 km. Replaced all front end bushes, pads and dba rotors. New tires, alignment, balance done. Checked suspension and within...
  12. D

    [VIC] VL 6 cylinder fuel tank wanted

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VL Commodore 6 cylinder fuel tank with in tank pump, straps, sender and filler neck. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria (Western Suburbs) CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel within 150km to pick up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash...
  13. D

    Help my VB SL/E Commodore fuel tank is crappy.

    I recently purchased my second VB SL/E Commodore and it needs love, the fuel i put in comes back out brown, and the tank has been dented and sports a patch :( the tank had no fuel cap so is rusty inside the filler neck and there is a smell, possibly remains of old fuel turned into varnish? im in...
  14. D

    Can I fit a VR [IRS] Fuel Tank into a VP [Non-IRS], is this do-able?

    Hi there, I have a VP Executive V6 and under the car the Fuel Tank is munted, previous owner must have backed over a tree stump or something as its all pushed it... runs fine though the car that is.. I have a VR Calais V6 that has IRS and the tank is mint on it, are these tanks the same? Can i...
  15. S

    VR fuel tank problems

    I don't want to beat a dead horse so im making this new thread, after some searching on the net I found this http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vn-vp-holden-commodore-1988-1993/28000-fuel-tank-size-other-questions.html which I am having the same trouble with. Yesterday when filling my tank, it...
  16. W

    VN Wagon Fuel Tank; what is this hose?

    Hi Guys, My VN S1 wagon was diagnosed with low fuel pressure, so I had a look under the tank. There was a slow drip from near a hose. (see photo) This hose attached to the tank on the driver's side, low, and at the front of the tank. I gave the hose clamp a wiggle to see if it was loose, and...