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  1. Adrian's Vr

    Long range tank issue's

    so huge issues arises when i put my vs 80l in my vr, the sender is different as, so my long floaty is wrong, slapped normal one in, the tank has 2 hoses, 1 big 1 small where as my vr one has 2 small 1 big, so I just capped of the breather thats not in use on the filler neck, and now the strap...
  2. C

    L98 crazy fuel consumption

    Hey guys, just joined this forum after some comments from you lot. I’ve just recently gotten a vz ss thunder L98, it has a mafless tune by Russo performance, cammed, OTR intake, 3” xforce exhaust with pacemaker extractors. It slurps a ridiculous amount of fuel, I went through roughly 30 litres...
  3. Dj1crook

    Aftermarket headers/extractors vr commodore

    ok so I've heard that from factory the VRs came with headers as stock. Would changing them to aftermarket ones do much to the sound and fuel economy or would it just be pouring money down the drain. All i want to do is have it sounding nice by also slapping on a hi flow cat and improve fuel...
  4. Trissos96

    Draining the fuel

    Hey guys, I’ve got a 1999 VS commodore Ute. And have recently learnt from the auto sparky that my fuel gauge sender is buggered. So at the moment I have no way to tell how much fuels in the old girl. And I know I have to have little fuel so I can remove the sender. My question is. Is there an...
  5. BrokenVZ

    VZ ute stalls when at Servo & on hot days

    Hi all, My MY06 VZ ute has a tantrum at the petrol station occasionally when I put fuel in and threatens to stall, or sometimes if it’s been in the sun all day (like if it's parked outside work). If it does actually stall it will start the second time. Happens less if you feed her a tank of 98...
  6. IA148461

    WK V8 Statesman using 23L/100k?

    Hello. My WK Statesman (173,000ks on the clock) lately has been using what I think is quite a bit of fuel. A full tank seems to be only getting me about 290 to 330ks. It is complete stock with no modifications, I don't thrash it around I just use it taking my daughter to and from school. I...
  7. R

    VT not starting Grounding issue? BCM??

    Hey so I’ve been having problems starting the VT. Got a new remote attached to the original head from mr minit worked for a week flawlessly then buckled it. Car cranks but it’s as if fuel isn’t sending but the pump primes and works well under load, also once the car decides to start there’s a...
  8. scaredyet

    Low Fuel Warning Issue

    A couple of months ago I developed a low fuel warning issue with my 2005 VZ Wagon. Even though I had a full tank of fuel each time I would start my car I get a low fuel warning. I press mode on my dash to remove the warning but the fuel icon is still stays. The warning doesn't come back while...
  9. C

    VE commodore stutters in 4th gear..

    My 2008 VE has been playing up a bit in 4th gear. Other than the stutter in 4th gear it runs great. When I lightly accelerate to bring my speed up in 4th gear, my car jerk and sputters as if its struggling to change gear. ATM I am putting my foot down the bit extra to kick it down into 3rd gear...
  10. Wickham_1995

    Ve Fuel pump failures

    Hello everyone, I know there are several threads on this but wanting to see if they're any updates or findings on it. I have bought a 2009 E2 senator signature September of 2017. A week after buying I had symptoms of a failing fuel pump; would start but idle rough and a die, cranking but no...
  11. N

    Loud backfire help

    If anyone has any ideas as to what the **** is going on with my car id really appreciate it. This cars just had problem after problem Ive got a vs ecotec manual ute, picked it up for $350 with no rego, clutch or fuel pressure. After i got it, i changed plugs, leads, injectors rail and regulator...
  12. Bommadorelife

    Fuel pump issues

    so our fuel pump needed to be replaced.... it’s was the original one put in when the car was built.... We bought a cheap $50 one off eBay installed and filled tank - gauge only read to 3/4 tank instead of full. Removed it, fiddled with floated to see if we could get it working right and...
  13. K

    Fuel system turbo

    so im turbocharging my vt v6 l36 commodore and what ive got so far is a memcal to suit my cars stock fuel pump with 36lb l67 fuel injectors, i got told by someone today that its not possible to run it without doing other things to the car such as the regulator and an extra fuel pump . I dont...
  14. K

    Vp 5ltr starts and stalls

    I start it goes for a few seconds then stalls. Have replaced iac ,tps , air temp sensor, injectors, fuel pressure regulator, checked fuel pump . Problem still remains.
  15. K

    Fuel pump

    so im turbocharging my vt commdore, its a stock engine and im planning on putting 36lb fuel injectors i dont plan on maxing it out i just want to have a fun but still somewhat reliably car. Ive had a look at the fuel pumps and from what i thought i knew about what size i would need i cant find...
  16. DeathSammich

    Lean Cruise Settings

    What's the best settings for lean cruise? Can I save fuel by setting road speed to say 55 rather than 70 and changing the afrs from 18.1 to 15.4?
  17. DeathSammich

    Fuel Consumption Issue

    I have an l67 and it uses a decent amount of fuel. At idle in park qhen warm uses 1.9-2.2l per hour on the display and in drive uses 2.2-.2.6l per hour. I've read it's meant to read around 1.6? What things could effect my idle usage? I think idle usage pretty much reflects driving usage which is...
  18. DeathSammich

    L67 Fuel Consumption

    I have an l67 with 2 cylinders reading 60psi. I'm just wondering if 2 down cylinders and random misfiring on the 2 would be the cause of high fuel consumption? Averaging around 17l per 100? If I get the cylinders fixed will my economy dramatically increase or would something else be causing it...
  19. G

    Fuel gauge won’t move from full

    Ive just installed a replacement iginition/security set (ECU, BCM, PIM) because my old ECU was faulty (check power train error and codes indicated ECU was faulty. The new set was from a 2005 v6 sedan and mine is 2005 v6 Ute. If works perfectly except my fuel gauge reads full and doesn’t...
  20. Seanssv08

    Ve ssv high idle after MAF/TB clean

    Hi guys my ve l98 ssv is idling all over the place since cleaning the throttle body and MAF 3 days ago.. ive done idle relearn and TBS relearn. But idle it still playing up abit..its been draining the fuel the past 3 days like ive gotten 70kms out of 30litres....how much would it cost to tune it...
  21. Andrew Young

    L67 conversion VS ute

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations with setting up a higher flow fuel pump for l67 conversion plus also if anyone has done braided fuel lines if they can recommend a "kit" or sizes and adaptors/ guide. Cheers
  22. DeathSammich

    L67 Injectors

    L67 running rough and just realised I had l36 Injectors in lol. What symptoms would this cause due to the fact it isn't tuned to use l36 Injectors? Would it explain struggling to start/not starting and running really rough with lack of throttle response? Thanks
  23. Samuel elliot

    Fuel cell for skid car need help

    Currently in the process of putting together a Vt ss with a mild worked ls1 dedicated skid car Going to be installing a fuel cell, want to stay on the low budget side, what will I need and how to wire it up? Any informations useful From what I’ve gathered so far I’ll be going for 40-60l foam...
  24. L

    W457 blew #5 piston

    Hi, I recently melted the L77 in my VF SSV, it has a walkinshaw 457 kit on it and #5 went lean, melted the piston, snapped a bit of the ring off and that was bouncing around in the chamber so the head is stuffed now too. I think I have about 3 options here: - best and most boring case I get...
  25. J

    Engine light p0420 p0430

    Hey guys need some help/advise. Just bought a 08 ve from a dealership about 3 weeks ago and 5 days later got check engine light warning, took it to there mechanic scanned it and p0420 and p0430 came up catylist bank 1 and bank 2 below efficiency they replaced o2 sensors code came back up 4 days...
  26. Couchyy

    Vx calais l67 fuel reading issues

    Hey guys, first time posting! Recently bought a series 2 vx calais l67 And i lime to fill up when im around the quarter of a tank left mark but when filling up the pumps clicking over once ive put around 30 to 35 litres in it, Was wondering how big a tank is in these things and if this is...
  27. DeathSammich

    VT Berlina using heaps of fuel

    Hi, i have a series 1 VT berlina and on the dash is reads 14.7 litres per 100. After changing spark plugs some of them were quite dark leading me to believe its running rich. How can i fix this? Its does 280xxxKms
  28. Bevan2000

    Vl Fuel pump problem

    Gday, i recently bought a vl commodore duel fuel, runs on gas fine but on petrol it doesn't run at all. ive checked the fuses and there all getting power ( front of the cars getting power) when i turn it to ignition i dont hear the fuel pump prime at all. i check the pump with a test light and...
  29. adimw

    which fuel is appropriate for an '07 3.6? 91 or 95?

    hello all, been studying the forum for a few days now - new to the VE and new to Holdens. I've purchased an '07 VE with 170 on the clock and have mechanical insurance - my preferred garage mentioned I should use the "right" fuel and that 91 is "for lawnmowers" - does anyone else run their VE on...
  30. F

    powertrans alarm ??

    Hi all my vz had powertrans alarm go of was running really ruff then next day fine but alarm still on. The auto shop ran reader sead miss fire and trying to flog me 600 to fix. How do I check witch coils are bad?. Also my car really hard to start after filling up the fuel tank ?? Any one else...
  31. M

    VZ Crewman fuel consumption high, V6 Manual, 14.4L/100

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm for me that a V6 engine with a little over 250,000K using 14.4L/100 and is using oil, but not blowing any smoke could be related to the timing chains being worn. Looking at getting a comp test done to ensure rings are fine, but a mechanic mate mentioned that...
  32. C

    VT Wagon Fuel Issue

    Hey lads, I recently picked up a VT wagon I've been using for work which has a low fuel issue. So after filling the tank up full, I can only use about 60L before the car has issues starting and running if I'm on any sort of incline and/or parked in the gutter. Before I start investigating it...
  33. 5

    Help! 5ltr vp misfiring

    Hey Guys I have a 92 5ltr vp and one day I was driving it pretty rough and than all of a sudden it started to backfire and pop as we drove it so when I start it up now it starts misfiring and it starts popping and banging checked leads and plugs they all spark, swapped injectors over and the...
  34. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...
  35. C

    Fuel Issues 1994 VR Commodore

    Hello all. Before I start I apologise for the long rant. As the title says I'm having some serious fuel issues that I'm hoping I might be able to get some help. So the problem I'm having is the car idles fine and will drive OK when cold. But once warm it struggles to accelerate under any...
  36. N

    Fuel Tank Sucking and collapsing in...

    Hi, the vehicle in question is a 2002 holden commodore vx v6 with 201000 on the clock. My main issue is when the fuel cap is screwed in to place the fuel tank immediately starts to suction in. This is easily visible by looking underneath at the tank and seeing the tank rise off its brackets...
  37. P

    VL Fuel pump blew up

    Hello, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I searched and couldn't find anything related.. I was driving my VL N/A the other day and heard a loud "bang" sound from the rear so I put the car in park and looked under the back but couldn't see anything.. I continued driving and about 400...
  38. B

    VZ wagon randomly losing power, then fuel leak minute after ignition stop

    Hi, I'm hoping someone has some idea what's going on with my car. I'd really appreciate if anyone can help to figure out what's wrong with my car, so thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I don't know enough to do much to fix or diagnose this myself, but hoping someone can help me...
  39. C

    New SSV REDLINE fuel consumption?

    Hey Guys, Been a while since I've been active on any commodore forum and since my purchase, it looks like I'll be a lot more active I just bought a new 2015 SSV Redline in auto (getting lazy these days) and it only had 9ks before I test drove it. My concern so far is the fuel...
  40. danbran

    Ecotec injectors?

    Any recommended injectors for a v6 ecotec to support power mods such as twin TB, rockers, and other bits? cheers