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  1. Mattricho

    Biggest automotive mistake you made

    Hi all thought this might be a fan little discussion. I think my biggest automotive mistake so far was from when I was on my P plates. I had a VP Ute Which had a VP V8 supercar front bumper on it and the springs cut (was how I bought it) any way being young and dumb was on a dirt road doing...
  2. slyr23

    Stupid people and ricers

    First of all this is just for a bit of fun, we are all pretty responsible here but I wanted to hear your funny car stories. Here is one of mine. When I was younger I had a really nice Celica, i spent too much on it but don't regret it. I've done this particular horrible act to so many...
  3. barra218

    People say funny things

    My brother (vx s pack) came to me this arv and goes, Oi, i can get 1000 Hp outa my car for $6000, Im like, who told you that?....... Ebay he reckons. Hate to burst ya bubble buddy... Haha, post some more funny **** people say!

    Funniest car for sale - Mirage (previous owner chuck norris?)

    Hey guys, A mate of mine on facebook posted this up. Mitsubishi Mirage 1993 for sale - TradeMe.co.nz - New Zealand It's a Mitsubishi Mirage for sale? looks...unique? and the description by the owner is worth a few chuckles :rofl2: