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  1. DanNZ1

    HVAC Blower Motor Fuse Blowing

    Hey team, For a while now the manual heater/air conditioning in my 2006 Holden Commodore SV6 hasn’t been working. I finally took it to an auto electrician yesterday to determine the issue. He replaced the FL9 HVAC Blower Motor (40A) fuse twice and it blew both times that he turned the AC on...
  2. B

    VT SS blowing main fuse (SOLVED)

    Hi i bought a vt ss a few days ago and everything was fine untill yesterday i went to start the car and and all power went out, checked fuses and the main fuse (60amp) has blown, replaced with another and tried again, blew once more. Not sure whats cauing this to happen but cant drive the car...
  3. D

    VE 2007 Berlina Upgraded seats to Calais, drivers electric adjustment not working.

    Ive put calais leather seats and door trims in my Berlina plugged in the 4 plugs available but when i try to adjust the seat position nothing works, is there a manual way i can adjust as I'm the only driver so once its moved to a comfortable position i don't mind if it doesn't work, or is there...
  4. DrHelpMe

    Blowing engine fuse when shifting to drive

    Recently my v6 ve commodore stalled as I was pulling up to the lights and wouldn't start, after we got it home and figured out the F39-10a IGN engine fuse was blown we changed it and she started fine I shifted into reverse got out the driveway put her in drive and she goes again fuse blown...
  5. Danielsv6Storm

    Sv6 storm 2015 interior fuse?

    Hey guys, Alright so I've got a series 1 2015 sv6 storm 4dr sedan! Both dome lights aren't working all I did was change the globes worked bout bout a week then boom nothing, Could someone please help me outta which three fuse box it is, and what it's called,
  6. A

    Broke a connector in fuse box

    Hey, Long story short I was replacing a fuse that went on me today. I checked all the fuses since I had it open and in removing one I broke one of the small metal arms that holds the fuse in place (I'm not sure what the correct term is, essentially the receiver for where the fuse plugs in)...
  7. 0

    02 v6 vy engine electrical issues

    hey guys i have a 02 v6 vy with a mystery electrical issue 3 times in the last 4 months it has cut out while driving and restarts but badly miss firing and stalls after a second or 2. the first time playing with engine control and fuel pump relays got it going the second time i suspected cas...
  8. D

    Fuse panel removal

    Hello. I am adding an LED light bar to the front of my exec hidden in front of the lower grill. Obviously it needs to be fused and would run off a relay which would be activated by the highbeams. My questions relates to the spare relay in the fuse box under the bonnet. I would love to utilise it...
  9. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Engine Bay (Digital) Fuse Diagram for everyone

    Hey all! So my own original Fuse/Relay Diagram has practically perished so I took it upon myself to recreate it 1:1 in Photoshop and here's the result. I figured I'd share it with everyone else whom might find it handy. ;) (Dimensions to print 12.5cm x 4.5cm with 300ppi (75% Scaling was used...
  10. K

    VX Park lights not working

    Need help! I have recently purchased a 2001 VX Acclaim with several issues which I intended to fix. I am down to the last issue before a WOF and can't figure it out. Front Parking lights are not working (rear are fine). I have replaced the bulbs and the fuse. Any ideas what else this could be?
  11. L

    Blown fuses

    Bought a vt 4 days ago Then DAY 3 it all changed... My rear lights blew for an unknown reason changed fuse blew again but it was dark and I noticed that when I tapped the break pedal the park lights would light up aswell, so I know there's a wiring issue there, but what I don't know is that...
  12. Z

    VT Berlina Boot Fuse Blown

    Alright guys, I have an issue with my turn signals, the fuse blows every time i indicate left so I'm guessing the wires for my left tail light are earthing out or something. Keep in mind that I have monaro tail lights fitted instead of the stock standard vt's. Thing is, I can't even get to it...
  13. D

    VE Series 2 Head Unit fuse

    In the process of installing an Amp in my VE Ute, After connecting it all up the Head Unit wont power on. Air con still comes on but is unadjustable. Thinking it may be a blown fuse but all of the fuses in the fusebox are good. Is there a separate fuse for the head unit I can check? Cheers
  14. J

    Interior lights help

    Need some help and info on how to fix my car, the interior lights don't work and every time I replace the fuse it blows straight away so I'm guessing there is a short or something but I don't know how to fix it, is there a way of fixing this and how do I do it? Thanks
  15. J

    VY indicating right blows fuse

    Hi guys, I've got a problem in my drivers side indicator wiring. When I indicate left there's no issue but when I indicate right it blows the 15A fuse. I've replaced the flasher unit, the indicator switch and the front/rear globes and still having issues, I've looked at all the wiring I can and...
  16. N

    Looking for rear indicator fuse.

    Hi everyone. I know this is super basic but I have been looking in various fuse boxes around the car to replace the right side rear indicator fuse. Can't work it out, can someone please point me in the right direction? 1996 VS. appreciated.
  17. V

    ve ciggarette lighter fuse location

    Hey everyone. I've been looking for the ciggarette fuse. I searched under the glove box and found the compartment but can't seem to see which fuse is for the ciggarette lighter. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :)
  18. V

    Indicator and reverse lights issue

    Indicator not functioning when using stalk, but does with hazards, reverse lights also weren't working, noticed around reverse bulbs the reflective inlay tail light is blistered. Replaced stalk, didn't fix. No lights getting stuck on have ordered a replacement relay for BCM anyway not sure if...
  19. Holden vz

    Vz Wont Go Over 4k Rpm

    hey guysz need help today i installed a sub in my car everything was fine until i switched the car on,the trac control turned off and my service reminder came up,then when i drive its really slow and wont go over 4k rpm ,ive installed subs before but not sure what has gone wrong could i have...
  20. Nathan_Arby

    Fuse problem on amp power wire

    Hey all, I re-did all my amp wiring today as i got a nice new sub recently and needed beefier wiring (4ga) for the amp.. Problem is, every time I reconnect the battery, it blows the positive wire fuse to the amp. It's gone through three brand new fuses, a 60A and 2 120A fuses. I've checked the...
  21. B

    Power not reaching fusebox on steering wheel stereo fuses 16 and 23

    Hi all first thread :) And firstly i have searched alot and cant find an answer.. (have always found everything before hence first thread :) ok well i was wiring an aftermarket head unit to my 2002 vx clubsport when i shorted it out... (which was something stupid i now fixed) went to...
  22. M

    Strange Vn ignition wiring short, thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.

    Hey everyone :) I have a 91 VN Vacationer auto, motor wise it runs great never missed a beat the auto trans isn't the best and will occasionally stall when you put it in drive but only rarely other than that its a pretty clean reliable car had her for about 3 months and i don't exactly nanna...
  23. C

    tail lights fuse location

    hey all, i have a 2011 sv6 ute. i was pulled over by the police twice last night on a 3 km drive home, both times for diving without my lights on, turns out i have no tail lights, spent an hour looking for the fuse location in the manual and on the fuse cover diagrams but for the life of me...
  24. B

    Stereo Shorting & Blowing fuse, please help!

    Hi all, sorta new here so I apologise if this is wrong or whatever. I have a VX with a Pioneer touch screen head unit installed with all the usual, speakers, sub etc etc. Yesterday the radio fuse randomly blew. Replaced with new fuse and keeps blowing, inspected harness from stock stereo too...
  25. I

    Holden VE Cigarette Lighter Fuse

    Hi guys, I can't seem to find the fuse for the cigarette lighter in the centre console, in the glovebox. Could someone please help me out ASAP!!!!!
  26. H

    Random Fuse wiring plugged into interior fuse

    Just brought a VX Commodore, interior lights were not working checked out the fuse, had no fuse but a thing that looked like a fuse with 2 wires going in under the dash and returning with a black box < 10 amp fuse. Removed this thing and replaced with proper fuse and interior lights work but no...
  27. J

    Holden vx Rear number plate lights, parking lights and dash lights not working

    i bought LEDs for my number plate light. befor i soldered them i used some insulation tape to wire them together just to see if their working and they did. so just before i was about to solder them the positive and negative wires must have touched eachother, one sparked and now i have no number...
  28. S

    ESC help! - Anyone played around with the VE ESC? (Electronic stability control)

    Hi guys, I need some help finding the plug for the ESC. I want to unplug it from the fuse box to completely disable it but have no idea which one it is. Has anyone does this before or know which one it is? Thanks in advance.
  29. Holden vz

    Low beams not working

    Hi there I have noticed that my low beam is not working both the bulbs are h9 and are new bulbs in after market headlights I've checked the relay and I cant hear a clicking sound but when I change it over it doesn't work with a different relay the fuses under the bonnet are new and I have...
  30. Mzil

    Headunit Short out/Fuse problem

    Today i was trying to switch over a head unit in my VS. I had all the power wiring cut off from the old harness onto the new one just to test the new one. Anyway it all worked fine up until one of the wires touched the metal on the inside of where the head unit sits. This caused a spark then...
  31. M

    IS this normal for a relay....

    Hi I am not sure if its normal or not.... Last week I drove from Melbourne to Adelaide in my vy v6 ... had a good run but reaching there i saw that the interior lights were not working , so i opened the fuse cover under the steering wheel and saw the that the big relays on the top had...
  32. C

    Number Plate Lights - SVZ Wagon

    Guys, have a bit of a problem with locating the source of my number plate lights not working in the daily drive...no power to the lamps (circuit-tested the wire termiations), and no idea where the wires start...I recall from previous commies that they had a fuse/relay named number plate...
  33. T

    fuse rail help (vk)

    hay guys i no the relocation questions have been asked time an time again... but can some help me or link me to a thread were its start to finish... iv worked out a way to do it but its not very neat or tidy, so before i do it that way just thought i would ask if some one could help me.... i...
  34. B

    08' ve glove box/boot light fuse help!!!

    since buying my car over a year ago i have never had a working boot or glove box light, it never really bothered me, but now its starting to bug me so its time to kill the issue, i have checked it out and all wiring and globes are fitted, at first i thought it was just the globe so i replaced...
  35. N

    93 VR V6 Berlina wont start? Makes one click when i turn ignition and thats it..

    I removed the injectors fuel rail and a few necessary wires and hoses to get the upper manifold off..I cleaned the lot ( was having serious issues with starting and it ran like a bucket of S#$T..) Changed spark plugs leads , did an oil change..When i replaced everything, i went to start the car...
  36. B

    What amperage relay do I need?

    The Hi setting on my ac fan wasn't working. I swapped the relay with the rear demister relay as they are the same part number. The Hi setting now works! Sweet. So obviously I need a new relay. It is a 4 pin siemens relay, they are all through the car but no amp rating on any of them. 40amp...
  37. taylooor

    Boot neon/blown fuse.

    Hey guys, was trying to hook up one of those neon lights in my boot yesterday. Got about half way through and couldn't for the life of me figure out why it wasn't working. Shortly after I realised i'd blown the fuse. I now have a couple of spares. The interior light is a 10, would it be too...
  38. M

    [SA] Audison Connection Battery Terminals

    Hey guys, Item: Audison Connection Battery terminals Location: Murray Bridge, South Australia Price: $70 ono INCLUDING AUS. WIDE POSTAGE Postage: Included in price! Payment: Bank deposit, PayPal. Reason for sale: Going for a much more expert install, machined aluminium battery terminals...
  39. R

    VE Reverse Lights Fused

    Hey guys, i was putting in some LED reverse globes and they didnt sit properly so had to fiddle around with the positioning, got them both working and then BOOM, fuse blew.. well atleast thats what i think basicly the reverse lights arnt working anymore even when i put the originals in, any...
  40. johnny_boi85

    HELP PLEASE Left side blinker fuse keeps blowing

    hey guys i just bought a ve omega im havin a little trouble with the left hand blinkers it was fine for a few days then it blew the fuse i went down to supercheap and got a pack of fuses and replaced it but everytime i got to turn the left indercator on it it blows it ive taking all the bolbs...