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  1. M

    VXR 12v Power Socket Fuse

    I probably blew the fuse on the lighter socket when plugging a tyre compressor in yesterday. I've tried 2 compressors in the socket and neither work now. The socket was working previous to this and I know both compressors are working. I've looked at the manual and it clearly identifies the...
  2. I

    2004 vy new headunit not working? (Jvc media player double din)

    Replaced the stock ones witha brand new one and it doesnt seem to turn on.. i tried everything in my knowledge to make it work.. it wouldnt be the head unit because its brand new. All the wirings are connected to where theyre suppose to be. Only thing i havent done is check the fuse.. but i want...
  3. robgm

    ECM Fuse

    To diagnose another issue, I just checked the fuses under the bonnet. The ECM Fuse is 7.5A, but in the fuse cover it says it should be 10A. The car's been running with this 7.5A for years. Should it be 10A (or was there some recall or something that said to use 7.5A)?
  4. RiffRaffMama

    Best spot to tap a new rear cigarette lighter in to?

    My front cigarette lighter is a pain in the ass. It keeps shorting out on something and blowing the fuse and you know, 10 amp fuses don't grow on trees... no, it's more that it's a pain in the c*nt to get to the back of to remount it properly. And when I do, it'll be fine at first, but the first...
  5. V

    Rear left and back window roof brake light not working

    hi Iv recently noticed that my rear left and the roof back window brake light are not working, I thought it was just the bulb at first so I replaced that however the one I pulled out didn’t seem to be broken. That didn’t work and then I noticed the roof brake light was working. The rear right...
  6. Danielsv6Storm

    Sv6 storm 2015 interior fuse?

    Hey guys, Alright so I've got a series 1 2015 sv6 storm 4dr sedan! Both dome lights aren't working all I did was change the globes worked bout bout a week then boom nothing, Could someone please help me outta which three fuse box it is, and what it's called,
  7. Mewrad

    Vs Ute wont start

    hey, new to forums and to working on cars but wondering if i could get some help or advice, i have an issue with fuel pump im pretty sure. cant hear it when i turn on ignition and car will sometimes start then cut out. i have checked error codes and i got flash 1 and then 2 flashes which im...
  8. J

    burnt relays vz

    be patient cause im absolutely useless with auto electrics lol does anyone know what would cause most of my relays to burn out , engine relay, power windows relay , ignition relay , acc control relay , they look lightly burnt on top but no fuses are blown besides the cooling fan , I know it...
  9. K

    VX S2 R/H headlight smoking

    hi I have a series 2 vx wagon and my right headlight (drivers side) is not coming on. Only parking light will work. When I checked fuse 4 under dash it was ok but I replaced anyway also under bonet I replaced #30 fuse (r/h headlamp) as this was broken. Now with the new fuse in , when I turn...
  10. L

    Blown fuses

    Bought a vt 4 days ago Then DAY 3 it all changed... My rear lights blew for an unknown reason changed fuse blew again but it was dark and I noticed that when I tapped the break pedal the park lights would light up aswell, so I know there's a wiring issue there, but what I don't know is that...
  11. S

    Tail light problem

    Hey. I Bought a 92 vp a while back and it's finally up and running but the tail lights won't come on. I figured its a busted fuse but I'm not sure which one to change and my cover is faded to the point where it can't be read. Thanks guys.
  12. D

    VX Fog Lights no power to light

    Hey recently replaced a switch for my fog lights which i have needed to do for a while but cant seem to find why the lights dont seem to be turning on, there is 12v power to the switch as the LED lights up, yet there seems to be no power to the lights, the globes surely should be in working...
  13. VTProductions

    help fuse issues and light problems

    hi every1 one day i realised that one of my reverse lights werent working so i bought one n changed it went i heard a ping. search on the net and found out it was the backup fuse under the bonnet when i changed it my reverse light worked i heard another ping now my front indicators dont work so...
  14. G

    VERY URGENT: VR electrical issue

    Hi folks, I've previously started a thread in the VR/VS general section, with NO luck (as no-one has replied). My VR Acclaim (Series II - converted to BW T5) has a rather crippling electrical fault somewhere, and I need to know where to find it. Symptoms shown (or smelt): * blowing...
  15. S

    positive and negitive wires sparked

    Hi All, I accediently touched the positive and negitive wire used for mobilephone charging in my VY Acclaim. I got a spark .The car in not starting now and the display says contact service centre and the engine image is comming up on the dash board. Radio, head and indicator lights are working...
  16. Just-A-Girl

    Help - Mechanically Retarded

    Please help, I don't have the fuse box lid sticker, to tell which fuse is for what in VL Calais. I've googled everywhere, asked people, and no one knows. Ideally I'd really like to know which fuse operates the electric aerial ? If not, where I could get hold of a fuse box lid with the...
  17. E

    fuel and temprature gauges work intermitantly

    hey guys, my fuel and temp gauges have started to work intermintantly..... some times it will say i got a full tank or half or the right reading but most of the time it says its empty same with the temp gauge??? they arnt flickering so i dont think its the earth wire..... any ideas...