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    [SA] Holden Monaro VZ Boot Lid - Fusion Orange with no Spoiler Holes [WANTED]

    STATUS: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Holden Monaro VZ Boot Lid as per the below DESCRIPTION LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for Postage/Shipping Costs, otherwise I will Pick Up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on Pick Up or PayPal for Delivery...
  2. N

    Need HELP - tuning system issue

    Hey guys, hows things. I have finished up a system which i transplanted from my old car and had stored for a year or more before putting the subs into the VX. Had to get all new splits and 2 more amps. Ok my issue is , this . I have a pioneer AVH5650bt head unit prior to that i had a...
  3. J

    dual fusion 12" powerplant subs or go towards fosgate or soundstream

    at the moment am doing a full redo of the system in my car. have had one fusion powerplant that i bought for $200 on ebay simply because it was there. been down to a few shops who have told me the same "for the extra money of a rockford fosgate sub/s it isnt worth it in the quality" wanted to...

    Sub wiring from boot?

    Hey, Just bought a 10" Fusion Active Encounter 300 WATT Sub&Amp tube for my VT. I can see what is meant ot go to where, but how do i run the wires? There isn't any DIY steps i have found on here. Just getting the wires from the sub out of the boot would be a blessing!!!! Thanks pics...
  5. B

    Fusion 6.5" or stock?

    I just installed a fusion 6.5" speaker and a tweeter in my VT, i have only done one side so i can compare the two. The new 6.5" sounds a lot crapper than my stock paper cones. They are only running off the head deck would an anp make them sound better? thanks.

    Audio System for my VS

    Alrighty, Been trying to learn more about audio set-up for cars and have gotten some help from people on the forums (thanks guys). I have been looking at car audio on the web for a bit and have found WOW to be a good place for some cheap stuff to help my sound, especially since i'm working on a...

    Sub-woofer, stock system?

    Hey all, I'm a bit of a n00b to all of the car stuff. (apologies in advance) I want to add some bass to my car speakers and heard that a 12" Sub in the boot would be good. My speakers and head unit are all stock at the moment however, and i was wondering if it is just as easy as buying...