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g8 gt

  1. Major Herbie

    2010 Pontiac G8 Manual

    Picked up my new car today. :yahoo: I finally joined the 6.0L club with this Wildfire G8 Its a 6 Speed manual. Plan on taking off the Holden badges and fixing it up with Pontiac badges. Mods so far -Amp and Sub (Alpine Type R) -Speakers replaced with an amp to run them -Dynamat...
  2. DeadxPatriot

    [NSW] Bonnet and Front Bar Swap for VE SSV

    DESCRIPTION: Swap or Trade ITEM: Looking to swap my Pontiac G8 Front Bar and Bonnet for a normal black SS-V Front bar and bonnet. (Lights etc included however think they're the same) LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: Used. Still on my car. Picked up my car roughly a month ago so its...
  3. K

    Pontiac G8 GT Front clip.

    Hey guys, my name is Kb. i live in California and drive a Commodore in Pontiac clothing. ;) I love my G8 but i want to do a front end swap. How much do the VE front clips cost? The bumper, hood and foglamps? Also is anyone interested in doing a swap? I have a picture attached of my car. :thumbsup: