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  1. H


    Geday, not 100% if I’m going about this the right way as I never use forums and this is new to me. So plz be kind so I just bought a duel fuel VR Ute, fairly standard gas setup that was done in 2006. I was driving, ran the gas completely dry, switched to petrol. The car started driving like...
  2. Ta Moo

    Problem: News Tyres, air compressor

    I went to change my old Tyre to news. But later when I pick up and went to servo for pressure checking. Because it look bad, if Tyre look alright. I wouldn't check the pressure. the 3 Tyre was nearly fk the rim. And one seem to be in good psi. Then put a hose in. Wow, don't know what happen...
  3. LX8Adventura

    Ls1 gas troubles

    Hi all. Just after som help. My vz adventra ls1 motor is dual fuel. Recently it's been running rough at idle, fine while accelerating and cruising. It idles fine whilst on petrol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Adrian's Vr

    LPG issues

    Hi all me again, so i rebuilt my motor and all underneath and interior for my Ls and now it runs fine and all but i put a manual ecu in and copied all the lpg wires, but when i switch over to it the gas primes then starts for a second but switches of again, before my build it started when cold...
  5. M

    LPG system playing up // LPG error codes?

    I've bought a 2010 VE series 2 with factory fitted LPG. It has been driving beautifully for the past few months. After a recent fill up, it randomly started to jerk while driving on the freeway (I usually drive it at 100km/h to and from work). Then it automatically beeped and switched itself to...
  6. EYY

    Vs v6 LPG Wiring

    Hi guys, I've just got my hands on a Sprintgas LPG system for my vs statesman and am at the stage of wiring it all up. In regards to the lambda controller, I need to find out how to wire it all correctly. I assume that one of the wires goes to the oxygen sensor and another to the stepper...
  7. H

    VR duel fuel under dash wiring

    I have a vr duel fuel and the wiries under the dash need to be hooked up for the gas if some one has a photo or something
  8. Mitchamus

    United Premium 100 fuel

    Searched forum for this but couldnt find anything bout this. Does anyone out there use United petrol stations premium 100 as a day to day fuel and have they seen any real advantages, also are VS 5 litres Ecos etc able to run this fuel efficiently and safely? Ive never used it but grabbed a...
  9. G

    LPG backfire issue

    Hey i started my car on LPG by mistake today and it backfired, running on petrol it was nearly stalling and running very rough, i got it home, checked the MAF and vacuume lines, MAF is fine, only problem i found is the vacuume line under my throttle body was disconnected. Since reconnecting it...
  10. Loaded Dice

    6L LPG conversion

    I did some research here before doing it and have since seen a few people asking about it and with the price of fuel at the moment its no wonder, so here's some fuel for the fire if you'll pardon the pun. I recently bought a MY12 SSV Redline and had a vapour injection system fitted at the...
  11. S

    VH SLE undecided

    I have gotten my hands on a VH SLE but am not to sure what to do with it, a few people have said just to turn it into a burn out car or a bush basher. It has: 308 LSD 144,000kms Trip computer Lights still work/radio Drives No rips or wear on seats The problems that it has...
  12. D

    Straight gas system for high performance 355 stroker - fuel system advice needed

    I have a VH Commodore with a strong 355 stroker in it. I am currently trying to sort out my fuel system for the car and am at a loss on what to do. The big issue I have is I need to get it registered here in VIC, but the car does not have the pollution gear as I can not mount an egr on a...
  13. N

    vl gas diffucultly starting.

    just bought a vl, dual fuel. previous owner says it doesn't start on petrol. yet i can't start it in lpg. there is an on/off switch next to it, not sure if its to the fuel though. anyone know why? cheers.
  14. ryan21

    VN backfire on gas....help!

    hey guys, i reset my ecu about a week ago and just run the car on petrol, i wanted to make it run a bit better on petrol and it did. Switched it over to gas today and drove to work ran fairly crap and idle wasnt great. After work i stoped at a set of lights when the light went green...
  15. B

    Towbar + Gas...

    OK... now I have no idea if I'm being spun a line of bullshit, or if there is a valid reason... looking for opinions/advice. I've spoken to a few people about getting gas put on, and also about a towbar and one guy (towbar guy) has told me that I need to get the towbar done first. He said...
  16. S

    VY LPG indicators (display & needle) not working

    Hi everyone, I've got a VY 2003 Dual Fuel wagon with dash indicators that are playing up I've filled up my LPG tank last nigh (50 Liters) and the electronic display and tank needle indicates that the tank is empty. I double checked and attempted to put more LPG in the tank, but it thank...
  17. G

    Post LPG conversion question

    I just bought an 07 VZ wagon that has been converted to LPG. The gauge has 4 LCD lights which doesn't seem that helpful. When I start it up it starts on petrol and switches over automatically when it warms up. Two questions: 1. When I run out of LPG will it automatically switch back to...
  18. VNCalais3800

    VP V8 Gas/LPG Pump Wont Shut Off

    Hi All, I got a bit of a situation with my VP V8 Wagon Duel Fuel With Donut Tank. Owned the car for 6 months now, i have never used the gas system in it. Cut a long story short, i heard a relay switching under the bonnet popped the bonnet had a look and its a relay for the gas/LPG system...
  19. S

    [VIC] vs caprice v8 gas vapour injection

    ITEM: vs caprice v8 gas vapour injection LOCATION: Ballarat vic YEAR: 1995 SERIES: vs series 1 BADGE: statesman caprice ENGINE: 5.0 v8 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: green EXTERIOR CONDITION: good INTERIOR CONDITION: good TYRE CONDITION: good TYRE SIZE: depends which...
  20. gobrien002

    [SA] Very clean LPG/PETROL Red S-pac 95 VR

    ITEM: LPG/PETROL VR V6 S-pac *RELISTED* LOCATION: South Australia, Warradale YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VR II BADGE: S ENGINE: 3.8L V6 Buick w/ CAI TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Candy Apple Red INTERIOR CONDITION: Great condition, No Rips, No Crack or tears. always kept clean inside. TYRE...
  21. Paul_grima

    How much??

    I have a 1992 vp executive. 252xxx km/s has 17" rims all round, has brand new tyres on front and roadworthy tyres on back the tail lights are slightly tinted and the dash has been painted white and black. Im looking to sell this car as i dont have the the time to get it roadworthy...
  22. V

    Gas tank and Sub?

    Hey guys, i've got a gas tank installed in the boot of my car and i was just wondering would installing a sub interfere with anything at all? thanks guys.
  23. Peter89

    [VIC] VN throttle body, seat rail; VL gas strut.

    ITEM: VN throttle body CONDITION: Used, has working sensors. missing throttle linkage. PRICE: $50 ONO ------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM: VN drivers seat rail, left part. CONDITION: Used but good condition. PRICE: offers...
  24. S

    Servicing Gas?

    Hey guys, I've recently bought another VL but this time its on gas. I've always been fine with servicing my cars but this is my first LPG car and I'm not sure exactly how the system works. Can't seem to find any threads about LPG and was just wandering if there is anything particular I can/need...
  25. V

    rear tyres wearing way too quickly

    Hey guys, i recently got a gas tank installed on my vx executive. At the same time, i also happened to replace all four tyres. Everything seemed to be going fine until last night my right rear tyre popped. when i was replacing it, i noticed that the inside tread of the tyre had completely...
  26. FXST01

    Memcals and Gas settings

    What maps/fields should be changed in a memcal when a car is on gas? What maps/fields should be changed in a memcal when a car is dual fuel?
  27. J

    should i get my VT on gas, or does it just cause problems?

    heard many different and read many different things from heaps of different people and just want a proper answer, it's causing lots of grief.
  28. owen18

    VL LPG conversion

    hey looking to convert my VL (see signature) to lpg. using the governments rebate. Just wondering if there is different types of conversions (benefits, costs etc if there is) and where bouts i could get in (northern adelaide)? Thanks
  29. speed__demond

    help vr stalls sometimes

    ok vr on gas works most of the time but occasionally it stalls about 10 seconds after starting wch ****es me off because im already down the street after stalling it takes few seconds to start and sometimes stalls again but yet other times it runs fine dad said the injectors...
  30. SMIT

    FS: VS Acclaim - 159,000 - GAS - CLEAN - $4100

    ITEM: VS Acclaim with Gas (Less than 2 years old), 159,000kms, Immaculate, White. LOCATION: Mornington, Victoria YEAR: 1997 SERIES: VS S1 BADGE: Acclaim ENGINE: 3.8 Ecotec W/ Gas STOCK ENGINE TRANSMISSION: AUTO (Pertfect) COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Almost Perfect INTERIOR...