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  1. Y

    VY exhaust manifold and flange gaskets?

    Hi everyone, this might seem like the stupidest question ever but I must ask it. I've taken off the exhaust manifold from the left-hand side of my wife's VY and there's no exhaust manifold gasket there nor is there a gasket where the exhaust manifold joins the pipe that Heads to the cat. Does...
  2. MissKaos

    Milky oil

    Ok, I'm going to sound like a real noob here. I own a 2000 Vx Commodore station wagon. I drove it from NSW to W.A in 2018 and had no issues. But since being here I've had to take it to be blue slipped before I can register it. Well low and behold, they found numerous problems. I've fixed the...
  3. A

    VZ with cylinder head issue

    Hi all, I’m a first timer on this forum and have limited knowledge of commodore and car mechanics in general, but am hoping that people may be able to give me some advice. Please feel free to let me know if there is a better place to discuss this. I have a VZ commodore wagon that has done...
  4. 3

    Exhaust Flange Leak P420 P430

    Good Evening, Ive had my VE sedan since Jan this year. When I bought it check engine light was on. Timing chain codes and P420 + P430. I replaced the timing chain and have been battling the P420 and P430 codes since. What Ive done: 1. Replaced the flange gaskets - Crushable gaskets 2. Taken...
  5. mohamedelkady

    Oil leak under the engine!

    Hello, Three days ago I noticed some oil leaks under the car in the morning, I checked engine oil level and -unfortunately- it was 1.5 litre less :(, I added equivelent amount of oil and checked the bottom of the car, it was hard to determine the leak source (The car saffered some leaks year...
  6. M

    Remove inlet manifold or work under it?

    Coils, plugs, and inlet manifold gasket replacement...easier to to remove the whole intake manifold to do the work, or prop it up with blocks enough to get access? Time isn't really an issue, if it only has to be done once.
  7. S

    VT Commodore Leaking Coolant from sump plug

    I have an interesting one for you guys. 2000 VT commodore, 200k on the clock, started running rough once warm. Checked under filler cap, milky oil. Head gasket was my diagnosis. Pulled off the inlet manifold and the gaskets there were stuffed, however i already had a gasket kit and the...
  8. I

    VZ 3.6L Alloytec Rocker / Valve Cover Gasket Advice

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. So my VZ has quite the oil leak from the rocker covers. I've done this job before on a completely different car (Nissan Skyline) but the VZ is quite different. I've heard a range of things about this job on the VZ, including the fact that you...
  9. A

    VX 2002 possible blown gasket.

    Back to the trustworthy Forums. So, i have a 2002 VX S2 drove it to work before Christmas drove awesome than went to go home and it died well not died but it idled like a pig. I have had 4 blokes come out and look at it each of them telling me their own version of events, such as vac leak...
  10. D

    Head Gasket leak, how long before the wreck

    Hey Guys, As I often use this forum to get answers about my commodore, I registered today to ask you a few questions about my personal case, as it's very specific and tricky, I have a holden commodore V6 VX Executive, 2001, that I bought a few months ago around 200 000kms. I drove...
  11. Mattde

    VZ MACE manifold insulator & clearance

    So forgive me if this has been asked before (I cant quite seem to find a specific answer) Does anyone know if a MACE 12mm manifold insulator will fit under a Nolathane strut tower brace? So far as I can estimate there is only about a knuckle-space between the top of the manifold and the...
  12. 9

    job done: intake manifold gaskets

    hey guys, just changed the intake manifold gaskets on my 3.8ltr V6 ecotech and thought I'd share some pictures. Car has done close to 290.000km and is a 99 VT Series II. Going by the date imprinted on the old gaskets and the state they are in, this might actually be the first time this job was...
  13. nabed4t

    Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

    G'day all, Just wondering if someone could please post a walk-through of how to replace the Intake Manifold Gasket on a '98 VT Commodore and what bits and pieces are needed (Brands too if you think one is better then the other) Also is flushing the rad required? I have youtubed a few vids...
  14. D

    VY SS LSD, gasket?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question.. Does the vacuum plate on a VY LSD use a gasket, or just the liquid sealant???
  15. I

    RB30e Cracked Head / Head Gasket

    Hey. My vl has a cracked head and buggered gasket. It is currently chemwelded so that it is driveable but i need to fix it before i end up blowing up my engine or something. Only problem is i dont really know what parts i need and what parts can be saved. Ill need a new head gasket + what else...
  16. K

    Holden VT Berlina 2k - x symbol in the right hand side of climate control display pan

    Hi Fellows, I have a Holden VT Berlina 2000 that has start showing x symbol in the right bottom corner of the climate control display panel. User manual says see the Holden dealer as there is some thing wrong with climate control. Air con work fine and i could not see any problem with it...
  17. C

    Changing Rocker Gaskets on Supercharged VX Commodore

    Hi guys, I have searched and searched and can only find posts relating to changing the gaskets on a N/A VX. Now, I have done the passenger side, was relatively easy, however, the driver's side is a massive pain, all the bolts etc.. are undone I just can't get it clear. Does anyone have any...
  18. SiKC.VR

    How to remove oil sump? vr commodore

    How do i remove the oil sump on a vr, the subframe is in the way i cant get to the last few bolts surrounding the sump, i tried jacking up the engine but no luck getting to those bolts, please helpp!!
  19. D

    what else can i do while i redo my heads?

    I have to pull my heads off again for a second time now after blowing the gasket So i was just wondering what else should i do while i have it apart? Its a VT Supercharged 6 just stock standard but plans to be suped up soon i was thinkin... New alloy LIM gaskets, porting LIM and Charger ( does...
  20. A

    VZ Overheating Mystery

    Hopefully someone will be able to guide me to work out what has failed. I have already had the radiator cleaned, had the cooling system pressure tested, and I have replaced the cap twice as I know the caps are unreliable. Also the fans seem to cut in appropriately. There are no leaks...