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  1. VE Series 1 2009

    VE Series 1 2009

    Hi guys, I know this is old but I’d thought I spruce up my ride with some gauges installed by myself with help from this valuable forum, cheers Muz.
  2. J

    VY Binnacle installation instructions?

    I've tried searching through previous posts, but does anyone have a copy of the installation drawings and instructions from HSV/Holden for the binnacle gauge installation? Holden still wouldn't hand it over even though i did by the loom through them. Any help is appreciated Cheers Jake
  3. Crans15

    Questions for VH experts

    Hey guys I just bought a very straight VH sl with a 3 Speed auto and a 202 as my first project car and I'm looking for some advice, specifically I'd like to know what oil filter and oils people like to run (keeping in mind this will be a daily driven car once ready) and if anyone has a link to...
  4. SS Flo Rida

    VF Gauge Options - Dash Command App

    https://youtu.be/iSo1HOeBgSMHi VFers I've recently installed the dash command app so I can get a trans fluid temp gauge but found a host of other goodies in the process. I was looking at the autometer & innovate OBD2 gauges however they were $400-500. This cost me $79.90 all up including the...
  5. J

    Aftermarket gauges in a ve help!

    Hi, Has anyone written a guide on what is required and how to I stall aftermarket gauges? I have seen a thread talking about the oil temp but chasing names or part numbers and how to! Probably looking at oil temp oil pressure and volts. All for a ve commodore. I can install HSV gauges no...
  6. T

    Ve ss digital gauges

    hey guys, have an 08 v6 berlina, i was looking at getting a set of the ss digital readout gauges that sit on top of the aircon vents will these; fit and just plug in with the hardware that is already there stock? and how much will they cost? cheers
  7. Wickham_1995

    Aftermarket Gauge Problem

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out here. I bought a few gauges and i've got most working bar one, the coolant temperature gauge. It's fairly straight forward to wire up but still can't get it to work properly. There are four wires; positive, negative, gauge color and sensor...
  8. C

    Ve sv6 oil pressure t piece

    Hi all, I was installing some aftermarket guages on the weekend and came across a problem with the oil pressure sender. The factory one in my 2010 sv6 s1 ute has an odd thread which I can't find a T-piece to suit. A thread so odd that my local enzed and rapid plumbing solutions shops couldn't...
  9. M

    VZ - All dial gauges stuck

    I have a 2005 VZ Commodore wagon with 140K on the clock. All 4 of the needle/dial gauges have become stuck at some point whilst I was driving yesterday. The temp is at 1/3, the taco at 1,500 rpm, the speedo at 80km/h and the fuel at 3/4. Here's what I've discovered so far: - the digital...
  10. NFUS

    VZ Instrument Cluster Troubles

    Hey guys, first time posting here. I have a VZ Acclaim sedan and am wondering if I can put an instrument cluster (Gauges) from a VZ Calais into it? The calais cluster was from a V8, don't know the K's, I have the 3.6L V6 175 Alloytec. I am willing to get it programmed, but even Holden...
  11. A

    [VIC] 2 Autometer Gauges

    ITEM: 2 Autometer RPM Gauges LOCATION: VIC Keilor CONDITION: Barely Used PRICE: $100 Each (Negotiable) RRP is like $250-$300 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM, this thread OTHER INFO: Both Gauges work perfectly, as new...
  12. S

    vs v6 gauge placement and types

    hey just wanted to know about gauges ive seen a few commodores driving around the streets with gauges on there bonnet and i like them so i was thinking of doing it i was goin to do oil pressure volts and i cant think of a third one that i havent got already it wont be boost becaue no forced...
  13. mazzstein

    [VIC] For Sale Speco Gauges + Cups

    selling 4 gauges as i have no need for them anymore. was going to mount them on the bonnet but changed my mind. Four Mechanical Speco Gauges 2" 5/8 size size *Fuel level. *Volts *Water Temp (brand new in box) *Oil Psi (no sender) also have 3x 2" 5/8 size chrome cups with everything you need to...