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gear box

  1. B


    Have a 1997 vs ute. 7hdd gearbox Have a 6hdd gearbox out of a 96 vs wagon Dropped the 7hdd gearbox out today and put the 6hdd in before the 6hdd gearbox went in it wouldnt rev over 2000rpm Would barely go forward, neutral was forward too and wouldn't go backwards at all So I swapped them...
  2. B

    VZ possible gear box issues

    Hey everyone, I've got a VZ Lumina and haven't had too much trouble with it since owning it. But as of Thursday it's been throwing a check powertrain warning, it's not losing any power or anything, i put my scan tool on it and it's reading these errors.. Auxiliary Serial Data Bus Fault...
  3. C

    VE commodore stutters in 4th gear..

    My 2008 VE has been playing up a bit in 4th gear. Other than the stutter in 4th gear it runs great. When I lightly accelerate to bring my speed up in 4th gear, my car jerk and sputters as if its struggling to change gear. ATM I am putting my foot down the bit extra to kick it down into 3rd gear...
  4. RedVrclubby

    Vr Manual gearbox sitting crooked

    hey guys I done a manual geaebox conversion on my vr clubby and my gearbox is sitting really far over to the drivers side i have measured up my Chassis and k frame etc to see if its bent and it all seems ok the entire box appears to Be on a angle and dosent seem like a engine mount issue ...
  5. G

    remove vy auto gearbox?

    Hey all, ok I am stuck with a little problem and thought I might see if someone can help me out I am removing my auto box I have removed exhaust tail shaft now lol this might be a silly question and I bet it is going to be a simple answer but its doing my head ini have the box supported and...
  6. D

    VX SS Project Car Modification Recommendations - Help

    Hi All, Im sure this comes up a lot so i apologise for the repeat. I have a VX SS, it is my first V8 and I have decided to make it my project car. I need some guidance and recommendations with regards to the modifications. I have a mild working knowledge of mechanics and "sort of" capable...
  7. D

    Gear Box or Hand break issue? Help

    Hi guys I got a 98 Calais with supercharge, after my friend help me adjust the hand break at beginning everything just fine, coz most of time I'm driving in 60k zone sometime 80k, but never up to 100k after hand bread adjust. yesterday I drove on freeway, during I'm accelerating roughly from 80...
  8. Jezze

    Lose gear shifter in my vs

    Hi everyone im new i recently bought a 1997 series 3 vs commodore ute with minor problems. one of the problems i have encounted is the gear shifter being lose and you cant feel when it shifts and the whole shifter spins in circles. does anyone know if there is a bolt that could have fallen out...
  9. L

    Gearbox id ?? vr ss series 2

    Can anyone help me with identifying my gear box i assume its a 4l60e but is it 4hdd or 5 hdd ... is there a tag somewhere ?? cheers guys for any help... i found a used auto box for sale or 880 with 3 months warranty and just wanna make sure i buy the right one cause they have 2 there......
  10. S

    VS Engine and Gearbox into VR

    My V6 Auto VR has done 400k+ and the torque converter and gearbox are packing it in. Got quoted ~1500 to fix torque converter and gearbox issue. I can get a V6 Auto VS engine and gearbox and i was wondering whether it would be work the time and effort? Is it a simple conversion? I've got a...
  11. Braydenreid

    clutch/brake pedal plate craked!?

    since the plate is cracked could it make it harder for the clutch to engage properly n make it harder to change gears?
  12. Braydenreid

    vr ll gear changing hard?

    i recently bought a v6 vr ll and the guy told me it had a heavy duty clutch but the clutch has the got literrally all the way to the floor and it engages as soon as i movemy foot the littlest bit. and you have to slam it into gear? the prevoius owner snapped the gear stick because its so hard...
  13. Braydenreid

    vr manual gear box difference?

    this will sound silly but i was wondering how to tell what gear box (getrag or t5) is in a vr ll v6? at the bottom of the bell housing there is 4 bolts.. if that helps? becasue i know they have dfferent bell housing.. cheers
  14. zvagon

    VZ Auto 'Power Shift'

    Hi all, Glad to be able to legitimately join, having just taken possession of a VZ Wagon 9C1 spec, plus a few other little bits and pieces. In the center console there is button labelled 'PWR' which brings up a 'PWR Shift' dialogue on the dash display. I can't seem to find any information...
  15. B

    Gear Box code location??

    I have a VR V6 auto, reverse doesnt work any more and need to find the code on the gear box to get a second hand gear box, any one know where the code is located? cheers!
  16. V

    will a vr calais gear box bolt straight onto a 95 vs executive?

    hey guys, my mate is wrecking a vr calais with a new gearbox and i was wondering if it would bolt straight onto my vs executive? thanks.