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gear change noise

  1. E

    Headlights cause car to loose 4th gear

    Ive been having some weird electrical problems like slipping and struggling changing gears and then when I was on my way home the other night I lost 4th and had to drive home in 3rd but if I turn off the car and turn back on its back for a little bit and then just drops out but then driving...
  2. R

    VY S Squeeking/Creeking noise??

    hey everyone. i drive a VY S II and have noticed that (usualy on cold start) when i reverse out of my drive way which is fairly steep my breaks squeek alot and so does the steering. also when i get to the bottom of the drive way and change into Drive (auto) there is a very noticeable rock in the...
  3. W

    Gear Change Noise

    Hi, I have a 1996 Auto vs series 2 ecotec 3.8L. I have this funny noise whenever the car changes gears. It is loud, coming from the left hand side of the bonnet and sounds just like there is some sort of pressure leak??? The Noise gets worse the further the car is driven and the car suffers loss...