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gear knob

  1. B

    Gear Stick Removal (HELP!)

    Hey guys so i wanted to replace my Gear stick knob for my Holden VU 2002 Ute But im not sure how, some people are saying just pull hard and it will just pop off but im not confinement about that so someone please tell me how!!! Thank you :)
  2. F

    Vz 6 speed gear knob and boot fit into a VU ute 5 speed?

    would a Vz 6 speed gear knob and boot fit into a VU ute 5 speed by any chance?
  3. V

    gear knob

    hey everyone i want to change my gear knob on me manual vs and i was just wondering if u can just change the knob or u need to change the shaft as well. if u can change the knob can someone please let me know how. thanks
  4. C

    Removing gearknob

    hey all did anyone know to remove the leather gear knob of a VS SS im having a bit of trouble