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gear stick

  1. vicky37613

    Key Stuck in Ignition won't come out.

    hey there. I am having problem with my key sticking in ignition. After putting gear shift in parking position and after turning off. Key won't come out easily. I have commodore ve 4A 3.6L. I have attached pic as you can see there is a button on this stick. I have to press it 10 to 15 times then...
  2. xtreme_sony

    Wanna Replace Rubber Gear Stick Boot With a Leather Soft One, Like in most Cars

    Hi everyone, I wanna replace the standard Rubber Gear Stick Boot in my VP Commodore with A leather soft one, Like what is in most cars. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get one that will be a direct fit, i can get a Universal and customized it, but i would rather if i could get one that...
  3. F

    wobbly gearstick

    hey all the gearstick in my manual VSII V6 is wobbly as. when in gear it has about as much play side to side as it does in neutral (really not exaggerating) i wanna fix this to make my gearchanges nice and crisp so what im thinking is buying new gear linkages from holden and putting them in...