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  1. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  2. M

    2006 VZ transmission problem

    Hello everyone and thank you for this great forum, it has been a great help identifying problems in my car and saving lots of money. my car is a 2006 VZ commodore (175kw) and is at it again, my mechanic isn't able to find the problem: 1- gear is stuck in 3d gear (limp mode) 2- shifting gears...
  3. M

    Is it a good buy?

    Hi guys, I been looking at trading in my old sensible car to get back into a v8. Got my eyes set on a ve ss. I have found a nice ve ss manual at a holden dealership with a nice colour, reasonable kms and unmodified. After speaking with holden i have found out that after it was sitting in the...
  4. U

    2007 omega specs help/obd2

    hi guys!, i am having trouble finding specifications needed for dashcommand. I have searched online and looked in the handbook but i cant seem to find the cars final drive ratios. I have a 2007 ve omega 3.6l dual fuel(i think it's a police spec?) thanks in advance
  5. I

    Gear selection on cluster HELP :(

    Hi guys, i have searched the forums for this topic but i have found nothing but dead ends. anyways i recently purchased a 2002 vx calais and the gear indicator on the cluster isnt working. its really frustrating, on numerous occasions i have driven with it in third gear without knowing. (since...
  6. 5spdVS

    3.45 or 3.7 diff gears into my 5spd VS S?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in buying some new diff gears but wasnt too sure whether to go 3.45's or 3.7's. Would love to hear some opinions/recommendations. Thanks!
  7. M

    TPS issue driving me mad...

    Hi y'all, I've got a drama with my VT Olympic that is driving me completely mad. The gear changes are all off pretty much all the time - sometimes it will stick in a gear when it should be changing or it will change down when it shouldn't. It's also randomly throwing a TPS error and...
  8. Gunzero

    Diff Gears

    What would be the best gears for my VS 3.5s 3.9s 4.11s NOTE i drive this car to work every day
  9. N

    squeaking noise when in gear

    hard to explain, but got me car serviced bout 500k's ago and they put new spark plug leads on and since then there has been a squeaking noise behind the top pulley when its in gear and the pulley shakes up and down. can anyone help me out? cheers
  10. VK SL 3800

    Vk 5 spd speedo gear.

    Hi guys Just trying to work out if i have the right speedo gear for my new gearbox & diff combo, the car is currently a standard mc6 4 speed with the standard borgwarner diff (gu5) and im putting in a 5 speed m76 borgwarner pretty soon and im not 100% sure if the green gear (21 tooth) i have...
  11. W

    [QLD] WTB- VN6 S1 Timing sprocket

    ITEM: VN6 Series 1 Timing Sprocket (the small one that fits on the crankshaft) LOCATION: QLD but post is ok CONDITION: Good used or cheap new DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION:Will pay postage or, if close to Brisbane, will pick up . PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit or your preference...
  12. MovieDude

    Clunk into R from cold on incline

    My car is parked on an incline and when I start from cold and shift into R I get a rather loud clunk from the transmission. Service told me that this is normal if the car is on an incline. They took it in and greased some joints (?) but it still exhibits the same problem. Has anyone had this...