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gearbox timings

  1. TRAV84

    2001 VXII Commodore driving sluggish & revs too high after mechanical work

    The car in question: 2001 VXII V6 Lumina at 190,000km Ok, so after spending almost $2000 getting all the problems fixed on my car, I have a new major one. Firstly, it's had a general service, new tyres, new brakes, tie rod ends, centre bearing, rack boots, bushes, suspension repairs, etc etc...
  2. W

    VS Gear change timings

    You will have to forgive me im a complete newbie with cars, my problem is I just bought an Auto VS V6 and the gear change timings seem very weird. When i am in economical mode and i put my foot right to the floor it revs very high before changing gears however if i take my foot of the...