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  1. J

    Can you use any replacement shift knob on a VZ manual?

    hey, I want to buy a shift knob off of Ebay but from what i can understand there isn't any thread for the shifter so my question is, is there any thread and if not do i have to buy a special adapter? I'm only changing shift knob because I want to have a different one. thanks
  2. S

    Holden VS V8 transmission cooler lines

    Hi I'm hoping someone could help me. I got a Holden VS 5L Series 1 and as you know series 1 has different transmission cooler lines than the series 2. My ones are pushed on and have clamps from the radiator to oil lines. Just like a radiator hose setup. Series 2 have the hoses screwed together...
  3. Turtl3

    Tr6060 gearbox 2nd gear problem

    Hey all, Has anyone experienced issues with the ve manuals not enjoying stationary shifting into second at high rpm? I know it sounds ominous, but before anyone jumps to conclusions we were breaking in a new pad at a mates farm. Car is tuned, torque management is disabled, esc was off. Clutch...
  4. J

    Manual/auto bellhousing

    May be a stupid question. But I have a manual v6 VN. I am going to to an engine swap, the problem I want to know does the bellhousing for the manual match the auto bellhousing?
  5. G

    Car is carrying on, running rough, etc.

    Back again guys. VY Berlina V6. Just ticked over to 300,000km. Car is still running fairly rough. If I accelerate gently it’s not too bad. But it I try to give it a bit, a rough vibration occurs. Carries on quite a bit when accelerating. And overall the car runs a bit sluggish while in 4th...
  6. D

    Over revving

    Hey guys, ive got a 01 wh statesman ls1 auto today i planted it and it splattered just as it changed into 2nd and the engine light came on. Now when i put my foot down its holding too long/red lining before going into 2nd. Any thoughts ?

    VY T56 Reverse Lock out problems

    Changing gears from 4th to 5th sometimes I am getting a grind as it is going into reverse. What can I check to confirm operation please ie, fuse, solenoid, switches or just a sloppy linkage 160k on car. Thanks
  8. C

    TH400 into 2006 VE senator

    I’m trying to fit a th400 gearbox into my 2006 VE Holden senator signature but because of the park/neutral safety switch the car won’t run. I’ve been told I have to bypass the switch to get the car going. Does anyone know how to do this? Or would anyone have a PCM Wiring diagram? Thanks
  9. N

    SIDI Conversion

    I have been trying to find any information regarding an sidi conversion into a vz manual ute. yes i have searched the fourms and all i can find is people saying just v8 swap its easier, v6 is a waste of time, ect, so if thats what your thinking please keep it too yourself. Im looking for any...
  10. H

    VN 3 Speed for Speedway Car

    I'm currently in the process of building a vn commodore production sedan for speedway and really would like to know if a holden 3 speed manual synchro gearbox would fit onto the buick vn engine as it is an automatic and no good for speedway racing. thanks.
  11. J

    4l60e no 1st and 4th gear

    So I recently did a gearbox change in my vx calias 5.7 and when Ive turned accessories on I heard a shorting out sound, all the fuses were fine so I didn't think anything of it. So I went to take the car for a drive and when I started the car t the check engine light came on and I noticed I...
  12. R

    Need help. Gearbox related

    Gday guys. Ive got a vt l67 with decent cam and some go fast bits on it. Its Got a shift kitted 4l60e and a standard v6 torque converter. Was giving it abit of curry one night and it just made a terrible sort high pitched sound from the gearbox area and just came to a stop. Wouldnt move you...
  13. MiKExAUS

    4sp auto trans mated to ls1 enquiry

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the topic. Cruising in "D" at low speed - maybe 60/70 light throttle ...start going up a small hill, auto feels like it shifts down slightly (revs increase) but then if I put the selector into "3" the revs go up even more - so it's like it...
  14. snuglez

    Gearbox shavings!

    Recently more often than not i have been having trouble with my 2nd gear popping out when i shift between 2000 - 2500 rpm from 1st . To minimize this happening i usually shift around 3000 rpm . The same thing happens if i shift from 3rd to 2nd with low rpms , so i rev match. As i said this...
  15. AlexCameron23

    VSIII Ute Getting Stuck in First and Reverse

    VS III V8 Ute stuck in first and reverse sometimes with the clutch engaged. Will creep unless i have my foot on the brake. If im in traffic and cant take off only option is to stop, turn off the ignition, Double the clutch which will release shifter from gear and start again. Usually in first...
  16. Sunnycoastcommodores

    VZ SS THUNDER - Weird noises and vibrations

    Hi all, Am looking at buying a 2006 vz Thunder SS ute and upon driving it (brother in laws ute, lost his license) have noticed some noises and vibrations that I have no idea what they could be. First one is when the ute is in gear and you let the clutch out it will sometimes grind. This...
  17. G

    V6 to v8 or keep it six so on so on

    Hey all got a couple of vps around my place I'm pulling apart one and not sure where to go with it.And i have a another one which is for work. Any ideas to get the vp that I'm pulling apart would be awesome , I'm hoping to make it 10 second ride yeah. Soo if I was to keep it v6 what would be the...
  18. M

    Reversing Sensor for Manual Gearbox

    I'm having some trouble locating a new sensor for my manual SS. The issue i'm having is that the sensor was stuck on constantly which of course left the reversing camera on, along with the reversing lights and the annoying dinging noise. The mechanic disconnected the sensor but this particular...
  19. V

    High revs

    My Calais has been doing this problem for roughly a month now, when idling it's very rough, while driving the gear changes are sluggish and the revs are high. While doing 50, it sits at 2k while doing 60 it sits at 2500 and so on, I've done a tran service, changed tips, iac, Maf sensor, vss and...
  20. T

    VL turbo gearbox.. N/A or Turbo, pics attached.

    Gday fellas, In the pics attached, is this a n/a or turbo box? how to tell?
  21. M

    Transmission code for a series III VS Ute

    Hi everyone, I was wanting to know what transmission code a VS III ute (VT eco running gear) will have? Would also love it if someone here has one or knows someone who is looking to sell. I'm located in Ballarat but depending on where, I can travel. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  22. J

    How to identify VE Sportswagon Transmission

    Hi guys, I am wondering how can you actually confirm with a 2010 VE Sportswagon Series 2 what the actual transmission is whether it is 4 speed or 6 speed? And which is better? Going to look at one later today. Cheers.
  23. A

    Vx executive commodore gearbox type

    I have an automatic vx executive commodore series 1 with a cracked gearbox housing. I need to buy a replacement but I'm not sure of the type of gearbox that is in it. I was told to look on the passengers side through the engine bay and I will see a sticker that says either 6hdd, 5hdd or 4hdd...
  24. B

    VL Hurst shifter

    Hey I'm running the standard MF5 gearbox in my VL and was wondering what Hurst shift lever or full shifter would fit this gearbox if it is even possible ? Mainly only after doing it for the looks
  25. davey32

    VY Getrag Issue

    G'day, manual 3.8 s pac, was driving home from work the other day went to shift from 4th to 5th, gearbox didnt want a bar of any gears... rolled up to the lights and it went through gears fine. Next day was fine but when driving box allows me to go from 4th to neutral without clutching on the...
  26. Nessie1996

    2HFD (4L60E) Gearbox - Mystery tabs/lugs?

    G'day fellas! I've got a VXII transmission (2HFD 4L60E) and it has 2 mystery tabs (drilled out about 14mm maybe). There's one on each side of the box, one just near the filler-tube and the other symmetrical on the other side of the box. They appear to be totally useless, anyone know what...
  27. K

    visual differences between t5 and getrag?

    Hey guys, I recently bought a vn manual for a slab (I know right, I didn't think it happened anymore either). He said it has a special 5 speed from a vs. Now I only bought it to put it in my vr, so to get the right conversion parts, I need to know which gearbox it is. What are the visual...
  28. K

    T5 borg warner gearbox difference help lol

    Gday guys first time as a member using this site and im really hoping someone can help me out with this question, Im doing a motor and gear box swap on my vr v6 commodore sedan, the motor that i pulled out of my car was from a vr calias hooked up to a t5 borgwarner "basic 1a" Im swapping...
  29. F

    Vt gearbox into a vx v6

    I've got a vt v6 gearbox will it fit into a vx
  30. T

    07 statesman 6.0 backlash

    Gday, Got a VE stato 6.0, had the gearbox serviced and all is good by a reputable gearbox joint, had the diff serviced which actually didn't need servicing. The problem: Feels to me like theres a little slop or backlash or whatever you want to call it, in the drivetrain, gearbox or diff...
  31. T

    help-trans cooler lines stuck!!

    Hi guys. I'm trying to swap out the 4l60e in my vr ute but the trans cooler lines at the box are tight as and I'm gonna round em off if i pull any harder on the spanner..... Any ideas how to get it loose without cutting? Please?
  32. Carguy440


    Hey guys hoping for some advice here ok well it started with me being a bit to rough on my car and I lost first gear it has continued, I've replaced the gearbox and same issue, the error code says downshift error 2-3 but it has 2nd and 3rd gear but no 1st or 4th just wondering if you guys had...
  33. B

    [VIC] 7HDD automatic transmission VS V6 commodore

    ITEM: 7HDD automatic transmission VS V6 commodore LOCATION: Seymour Vic CONDITION: Used PRICE: $250 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Seymour vic, or could possible meet. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on collection CONTACT DETAILS: pm or email [email protected] OTHER...
  34. P

    [SA] 2006 Barina stuck in reverse after refitting gearbox

    Hi forum users, Just after some advice regarding my partners 2006 barina. I have just replaced the thrust bearing as the old one was shot. On reassembling and testing the only gear i can get the car to move in is reverse. I can select a few other positions but they all lock up the gearbox...
  35. P

    2006 holden barina stuck in reverse after removing gear linkage

    hi just after some advice regarding my partners 2006 barina. I have just replaced the thrust bearing as the old one was shot. On reassembling and testing the only gear i can get the car to move in is reverse. I can select a few other positions but they all lock up the gearbox when i release...
  36. A

    Possible Gearbox Issue (Autoproblemmatic)

    Hey guys, On my VT, i notice when going down the gears from D to 3 than 2 the second gear makes a metallic ting sound like lightly tapping two pipes together. Could this be due to overdue transmission service? I have owned it for near two years. If anything i never tow a trailer so never...
  37. V

    gearbox hiting!! very annoying!

    Hello guy's, I hav a vs manual ute with a T5 gearbox and if you give it in first and second the gear stick and obviously gear box (but idk I'm only assuming because the gear stick is moving left) all move's to the left and then when you get off throttle hard (to quick shift) it smack's the ****...
  38. 9

    VsMaloo clutch fork adjustments

    I've just changed my clutch cable because I thought it was stretched but it's still loose in the bellhousing so I took the gearbox off and adjusted the clutch fork but the cable is still loose and its maxed out on the adjusting tread the dampener is on the cable everything is there I have no...
  39. W

    VX SS Gearbox Shudder

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows - my t56 has started to shudder at low speeds, ie idling around carparks etc when I depress the clutch and disengage gears, or rolling around in neutral. It's a pretty bad shudder. It still drives perfect, finds gears fine etc. Done 140,000kms...
  40. LostPup

    to anyone who knows about what happens when VR Engine mounts go.

    i'm almost at the ropes end with this car, i know the engine mounts the right hand is stuffed the left is on it's way out they're both sagged. someone mentioned to me when i was trying to figure out what the sound i was hearing coming from the engine/gearbox when the car idled. mentioned that...