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  1. D

    VS/VR Commodor Ute not changing gears

    Hi All, I have a 1993 Holden commodore VR or VS ute and it won't go into gear. The clutch is always all the way in and having to use force but still won't go in gear. Could really use some help
  2. L

    griding gears

    hey guys i have a 2003 vy SS 5.7L v8 when i change up and down gears and release the clutch i have a small grind around 3000 rpm it does it when the clutch it about half way out it doesnt do it when i change gear at low RPMS it does it in all gears i have a heavy duty clutch
  3. Y

    Very Confused.

    Hi all. I was wondering if anybody could help me with a strange problem. My 2001 Vx Holden Commodore (Auto) has started playing up on me by - 1. Revving higher & for longer. 2. Taking longer to change gears. 3. Sounds like I can hear the engine as if there was nothing between me & the...
  4. H

    hsv vz supercharged what diff gears

    Hey all, I'm about to install a harrop 1900 pd supercharger, I was wondering if anyone has ever run 3.9 gears with a supercharger. I just want to still be able to let the supercharger do its thing without being restricted by the diff gears but still have a lot of pick up. Whats your...
  5. Manual Calais

    vn s1 new diff gears, no calibration, rev limiter change

    Hi guys, I reccently got a lsd put in my vn manual v6 s1, at the same time i got the diff gears changed from 3.08 to 3.45. Ever since i got this done my car has not been going as well. For example, i used to beat my mates manual vs by a car length, now we are even, my mates auto vy same deal. i...
  6. T

    Clutch feels loose and cant select gears

    hey guys, i have a manual VS ute SIII. Iv noticed the gears have been a bit sticky latley but when i took it to the mechanic to get it looked at they couldnt find anything wrong with it :confused: anyway my partner took my car to work yesturday but when she went to drive it home she couldnt get...
  7. VY_Sleeper

    [NSW] FS: M80 Diff Gears - 3:46 ratio

    ITEM: Genuine Holden Diff gears with a 3:46 ratio LOCATION: Windsor, NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: Firm $250 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD or Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM, or reply to this thread OTHER INFO: Removed from my diff due to...
  8. O

    Diff gears ? Alloytec 190

    Just wondering if anyone has put diff gears In the 190 I've had a look around the forum and haven't found to much on the subject, I have a 190kw auto and was wondering if anyone could tell me the gains they experienced from what gears they used, I was thinking going 3.46 but just want to know if...
  9. H

    Won't stay in first gear, vn 5sp v6

    Hi guys, Have an issue thats just started recently but gotten bad, The car will not stay in first gear. everytime i go to take off it just goes bang and pops out of first so im forced to take off in 2nd. if i take off super slow with next to no revs it wont pop out. Once the clutch is all the...
  10. A

    95 VR Commodore Gear problem

    I have a gear issue and seeking help. For the past few weeks the car does not want to change gears in time. When i start the car up in the morning, i let it run for a couple or minutes to warm up and when i start driving the gears do not want to change. For Example: I have to reach 40Km...
  11. admk69

    VX Ecotec AUTO Revving up/down or changing between gears @ 50-70 ks

    My Vx Commodore auto ecotec V6 surges when on gas or petrol. It happens around 50-70ks. i can see the rev needle going up and down. I'm not sure if it's changing between gears or just revving. it has a pulling feel as it tries to settle at a consistent speed. I have cleaned the throttle body...
  12. V

    gear knob

    hey everyone i want to change my gear knob on me manual vs and i was just wondering if u can just change the knob or u need to change the shaft as well. if u can change the knob can someone please let me know how. thanks
  13. E

    Gears slipping. NEED HELP.

    Hey. my question will be simple for people that know abit about vn transmission. (auto) When i flog it between gears, insted of just changing they rev inbetween. Hmm anyone that cab help please? I guess i could also ask a mechanic lol. but i thought id let you pros help me out :) thanks