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  1. J

    VF Commodore Sedan Boot Liner

    Does anyone have a suggestion where I could get a properly fitted boot liner for my 2014 Series 1 VF Commodore Sedan? I've searched through eBay, forums, Google and asked around and haven't been able to find anything to fit what I need. Everything is out of stock, just a generic sized boot...
  2. ThatSlammedVE

    Are these "Genuine Holden" wheels?

    Hey there, New member and first time poster so hopefully I've done this correctly... I was looking at purchasing some wheels for my partners first car and I came across a set of 4 plus a matching spare for sale that were listed as "Genuine Holden Wheels" ... Supposedly they were " Factory...
  3. G

    2 WIRE O2 Sensors Genuine

    Hey guys just letting everyone know i found some genuine Holden O2 sensors 2 WIRE, i have been looking around on ebay for a good brand, for a few months now and they were all just cheap ****. Was just fixing a few other things on the VT to see why my fuel economy is not the best generally...
  4. Terminal

    [VIC] GENUINE Simmons B45 16x8 Wheels

    ITEM: GENUINE Simmons B45 16x8 Wheels LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: eBay Auction (Genuine Simmons B45 16x8 Commodore Stud Pattern 5x120 | eBay) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I would prefer pick-up however I will go the extra mile and post at the buyers expense. Item located in...
  5. stevebutler

    How can genuine parts not fit?

    I've had recent troubles with my headlights (which were aftermarnet, and fit perfectly) which are detailed in other threads of mine. I purchased what i was told are GENUINE second hand lights from city dismantlers. They don't fit properly, it's as if theyre not quite big enough leaving a gap...

    [QLD] 16" Genuine VT-S Pack rims and tyres

    ITEM: 4 x genuine VT S-Pack 16" rims and tyres LOCATION: Northern suburbs, Brisbane CONDITION: Used PRICE: WAS $400 NOW $350 * throw some offers * DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up/can deliver if within driving distance (like you to pay for the fuel however) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash/bank...
  7. C

    [QLD] FS: VE Headlights Omega/SV6/SS Genuine Pair

    ITEM: Pair of GENUINE Holden SV6 Headlights. LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used, in near new very good condition. Only fitted for 30,000kms. (upgraded to projector style lights.) PRICE: MAKE AN OFFER! CHEAP! Can split pair. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred, can also be...
  8. Wiggy82

    Genuine VZ Blaupunkt head unit with bluetooth and iPod Connection.

    Is it possible to buy a genuine Blaupunkt head unit with Bluetooth and iPod connection for my VZ ? i have seen the DIY iPod connection guids but would rather have a genuine head unit with Bluetooth as i do not and will not ever have an iPod/phone (the iPod connection would be for when the hugs...
  9. A

    [VIC] WTB VY SS GENUINE RHS TAILIGHT second hand good condition for around $50.

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VY SS GENUINE RHS TAILIGHT second hand good condition LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay postage costs. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal etc CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: ill pay around $50