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  1. jjj97

    VS ute getrag clutch issues

    Hey guys, new member here (knows basically nothing compared to what im sure you guys do) Sooooo basically i brought a vs ute when i was about 15-16 (now 22) thrashed it with a friend was mid burnout with 18s on and the clutch went limp (no pressure on pedal just flops around now) had to drive it...
  2. J

    V6 Getrag oil?

    Hey guys, just got my new ute and going to be doing a much needed service for it, I was just wondering what type of oil would be ok to use with the v6 getrag gear box? Had some nulon 75w85 full synthetic (gl-4?) In an unopened bottle in the shed but not sure if it would be ok to use? Also the...
  3. J

    What oil for v6 getrag?

    Hey guys, just got my new ute and going to be doing a much needed service for it, I was just wondering what type of oil would be ok to use with the v6 getrag gear box? Had some nulon 75w85 full synthetic (gl-4?) In an unopened bottle in the shed but not sure if it would be ok to use? Also the...
  4. zeropalooba

    Modifying idle control when converting to manual

    Hi guys, I hate starting new threads but I've had a quick search but no luck finding an answer. I have converted an L67 to Getrag manual. Everything is hunky dory but idle control. Issues - On start up the car idles at 2000 rpm for 2 seconds or so and then settles to 900 rpm where it idles...
  5. 9

    I'm stuck please help

    Hey I'm converting my 99 vs ute from getrag to t5, I got an 8 bolt flywheel from the wreckerz along with everything else I'd need to convert the gearbox successfully. I removed the getrag along with the cluth and dm flywheel only to find two locating dowels, the 8 bolt flywheel i have doesn't...
  6. F

    Vx Surging Under Load

    Hey guys, new member here so be prepared to read :) I got my self an automatic vx v6 berlina and as with most vx' it's had it's minor faults but there been one that no one can work out. I noticed it the very first time I drove it, under heavy load it surges (no miss fire or anything) I knew...
  7. AlexCameron23

    VSIII Ute Getting Stuck in First and Reverse

    VS III V8 Ute stuck in first and reverse sometimes with the clutch engaged. Will creep unless i have my foot on the brake. If im in traffic and cant take off only option is to stop, turn off the ignition, Double the clutch which will release shifter from gear and start again. Usually in first...
  8. S

    VT S Manual - Clutch issue, need a solid answer!

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So last night I got abit angry and started caning my VT S manual which I just bought about a week ago, the car is in my name and had a rwc done too. Let me start off by saying the clutch before this issue happened, the friction point was 2 inches in when you put...
  9. danbran

    clutch diagnostics/replacement

    Hi, i have a VS ute manual (getrag 260) onto the v6, ive owned the car for nearly a week and ive notices that the car is either spinning the wheels like crazy or some crazy clutch slip. heres my evidence, please help! - the LSD is rooted and could just be spinning one wheel? - the speedo...
  10. J

    VK Getrag 290 pedal box??

    Hi guys in need of advice / assistance! I've pulled out the efi 202 in my VK and have sourced a 304 from a VS series III with a getrag 290. Just wondering what you guys think about pedal boxes? I have the pedal box from the VS and I've heard they're worth a heap of $$ Has anyone tried...
  11. davey32

    VY Getrag Issue

    G'day, manual 3.8 s pac, was driving home from work the other day went to shift from 4th to 5th, gearbox didnt want a bar of any gears... rolled up to the lights and it went through gears fine. Next day was fine but when driving box allows me to go from 4th to neutral without clutching on the...
  12. K

    visual differences between t5 and getrag?

    Hey guys, I recently bought a vn manual for a slab (I know right, I didn't think it happened anymore either). He said it has a special 5 speed from a vs. Now I only bought it to put it in my vr, so to get the right conversion parts, I need to know which gearbox it is. What are the visual...
  13. C

    Getrag 5 Speed Gearbox Ticking

    Hi all, I've done searches both on this site and Google and can't seem to find an answer to my particular problem. I have a VT with a Getrag 5 speed box in it. Problem: it makes a ticking noise while driving. ONLY when driving. It starts at around 40km/h regardless of gear and will...
  14. B

    input shaft cut down?

    Does anyone know where on the sunshine coast i could get an input shaft from a v6 getrag cut down to suit the 304? and bellhousing to suit would b great too
  15. J

    getrag in to a vs auto ute help plz

    hey im after some info i hope some one can help me out i have a VS series 3 automatic ute 1999, that i wish to put a 5sp getrag gearbox in, i have the folowoing stuff to do the converson 1 getrag 5sp out of a VT wagon, tail sharft, floor plate , boot, VT maunal ecu...
  16. V

    Need help ! Doing an auto to getrag on my vs 5l statesman

    Hi can someone direct me to a thread or be willing to answer some questions for me. Thanks :)
  17. playful

    [NSW] WTB - Getrag VS-VY Billet Shifter.

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy. Will pay up to $300. Will pay more if the price is right and matches the quality of the item. ITEM: Billet short shifter for VS-VY must be in good condition and working order LOCATION: NSW Sutherland Shire CONDITION: New or used doesnt matter as long as it...
  18. playful

    My Getrag'd 97 VS Executive

    My 97 VS Executive 5 Speed So I have had this car since Feb 2012. I paid a fair bit for it when I got it (a tad under 5k with 150,000 on the clock) from a guy about my age. Mechanically speaking the car is very good. The interior is also fantastic, and I am content with the price I bought it...
  19. V

    Vt Getrag help!? Whining like its BLOWN!

    Hey guy i have a vt s pac and the gearbox whines! any idea what it is? im taking my cat to a diff and transmission shop later so they will tell me, but have you guys got any idea?
  20. D

    vr ute 3.8 to 3.8 toyota lexen motor. original t5 box wiring problem

    hi everybody, just did a engine change on my ute 3.8l to a toyota lexen (vs ecotec engine). i still have original t5 box and am having trouble finding a wiring loom and computer. is it possible to modify a getrag loom to fit as its the only one i can find. sort of got myself in over my head...
  21. nalchlan

    welded flywheel and ring bedding.

    gday guys my vs has a getrag box and i had no idea it had a dual mass flywheel. i just thought it was two flywheels welded togethor, but ive seen another getrag and its the same without the welds. anybody have an idea as to why this has been done? after searching around for how to bed new...
  22. MGNick

    VS Getrag Manual Lumpy Clutch

    gday just wondering why my clutch is so lumpy or what-not. can just feel the clutch vibrating and lump around. wondering if its doing any damage to the clutch itself or do any damage in the future? car was converted from auto a month or 2 ago. thanks
  23. uNEEk

    Any Information on rebuild ecotec, Cam/Heads/Manifold.

    Hello all, i have recently been looking at new gear to do a minor rebuild on my spare ecotec that i have sittting in my shed. I have been looking on a few websites in the US for 3800 cams/heads/rockers etc. And i just want some advice from anyone who has used the parts, or knows more about...
  24. S

    Getrag Reconditioning

    Long time no post.... Just was curious if anyones had a getrag box reconditioned around here and how much it costs roughly. Wouldnt might getting a nice brand new tight box ;) if you know what i mean. cheers
  25. uNEEk

    Need Help Urgent! Getrag Gearbox

    Hello all im sure yous have all heard this 100's of times, but i really need help with this. I recently purchased a Manual conversion out of a VU Ute for DIRT CHEAP!! lol it came with clutch, flywheel, master/slave, pedals, gearbox, shifter, tailshaft ecu out of the ute etc. so my...
  26. Braydenreid

    vr manual gear box difference?

    this will sound silly but i was wondering how to tell what gear box (getrag or t5) is in a vr ll v6? at the bottom of the bell housing there is 4 bolts.. if that helps? becasue i know they have dfferent bell housing.. cheers
  27. old mate

    diff gears but keep top end speed... v6 getrag

    g'day g'day, as i am planning to take the ute to the racetrack for some legal fun, i know its underpowered and underbraked but its the only was to have some fun and not go to jail these days, i've decided that before i go, a diff gear swap is in order, along with an lsd centre or mini spool...