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gilmer belt

  1. C

    Gilmer belt drive defectable??

    Hi all, Just recently bought a vp calais v8 from interstate which needs an id inspection and it has a aeroflow gilmer belt drive on it and was wondering if it will be an issue to take it through the pits as its only a belt?? And not necessarily a performance upgrade but if yes wont take the...
  2. B

    [308] Serpentine belt setup for a Holden 308

    Has anyone ever seen a sepentine belt setup available for a Holden 308 engine with VN heads? It's naturally aspirated at the moment, however I am going to side mount supercharge in the future. Thanks.

    [QLD] Ecotec V6 gilmer belt?

    Hey Guys, I have a V6 Ecotec VT and i want that whining sound from a gilmer belt. I have seen some videos of 5L engines and read some old threads saying that the belts don't exist or cost alot of money to custom make? Wondering if anyone know how much it would cost to make or if someone...