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  1. K

    replacing door windows

    both left door windows got smashed and i am trying to put new windows in. i already removed the door cards, speakers, the water deflector but am i meant to remove the window regulator or not. i really dont want to start drilling them rivots out. also one of the replacement glass has the metal...
  2. preston_e

    [General] Tinting your windows Read this first!!! DIY

    Hey, awhile ago I tinted my vp and it turned out to be a pretty good job I think... It cost me about $60 for the tint I had some left over’s and re-did some windows I wasn't happy with. Turns out it wasn't as hard as I thought ill run thu the way I did it. What I used. -razors -rubber...
  3. Turd Ferguson

    [VN-VP] Cleaning Frosted / Dirty Headlights

    If you are sick of your headlights looking frosted and crap here is a simple little How To in order to clean them up a bit. Tools / Products: Screwdriver Socket set / shifting spanner Glass Cleaner/ similar product Maybe some glue/ silicone Step 1: Disconnect the battery Step 2...