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  1. B

    Can't seem to find any info on t/c globes

    Pulled out of a manual VY spac 2003, does anyone know info on these globes? Thanks in advance
  2. Stef-vy

    Headlight not working but the globes good?

    Hey guys, I have a vx 2001 and it has Monaro headlights and tailights, no issues with the back but front headlight on the left side has completely killed both of the normal driving lights in only the left side, but it still works on high beam? I'm confused and worried it's a bad wiring...
  3. Herbs N Sp1ces

    Vu vu vz wagon/ute tail light globe types?

    I have a vu ute that I changed the tail lights to vy s2/vz and would like to know the different globe types for the tail lights? Thanks
  4. H

    VN Indicator flashing fast

    Hey guys, I have a small problem... just today when i went out for a drive i noticed my left indicator is flashing fast... so obviously i thought ah yeah 1 of the globes have blown... but i got out and had a look and both front and back indicators are working fine.. flashes normal to the right...
  5. StormVY

    VY LED Light Conversion

    Here is some information you will need to buy and install LED lights around your car. Please note I drive a VY Storm which is very similar to an S pack but with and SS bodykit. I'll add to this as people give information, when I have time or when I do more work on my car. First some numbers...
  6. C

    VY Ute - Tail Light Globe Removal

    Hey, I seem to have a problem. my issue is that I have a blown left brake light on my ute and I haven't had to change one yet so I dont know how to get into the light globes. It looks like you maybe able to access it from the back, but I have a tub liner which is bolted down and an LPG tank...
  7. CommVTS

    headlight globe

    hey guys, just wondering what the easiest way is to replace headlight globe in my VT. cheers scotty