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  1. S

    Vt commodore rear tail lights and brake lights not working!!!

    Hey guys, I've tried checking the fuses to the rear parkers and brake lights and I replaced them, I also have changed the globes but it's still not working. Does anybody have any ideas of what this problem could be? My licence plate lights and reverse lights are still working.
  2. K

    VY Interior Globes

    Hi guys, I'v had my late model 2004 VY II Acclaim for nearly a month now, bought it in immaculate condition and Im looking to change the interior lights to either blue led or black light (really want black light) but the only problem is i cant really figure out the specification for the globes...
  3. N

    Help with Air Con Controls (HVAC)

    Hey guys, recently I've decided to put my interior back to stock color. The only problem is I've lost some of the globes for my air con control. I went to u pull it to try find some gloves but all the units are different. Mines from a VX so I can't pull the front facing off like you can with...
  4. T

    Globe sizes for the VE sv6 my10

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this has come up before but I have been doing searches and can't find anything (probably missed it or searching wrong). I'm wondering if anyone knows the globe sizes for the VE series 1 sv6, I need to know low beam, high beam and fog light sizes. Any help would be...
  5. P

    light bulb help..... lol

    hey guys! i need to change the main interior lights in my car, the main and back one (i have a vs wagon btw) there globes about 3 inches long, i also need to replace the little led one under the gear shifter. that ones small as, like 1.5cm. my question is, where the hell do i get...
  6. VLC86

    white headlights?

    hey guys, my vl is in serious need for some new headlights, the reflectors are in alright condition..but the light im geting at the moment is pretty terrible. i want some of the white globes. iv been looking for some globes on the internet, would anyone know what specific globes i would need...
  7. F

    [VR-VS] How to change Heater Control globes (NON climate control)

    Just posted this in response to a question thread, thought it might make a useful how to. The following steps are assuming you have a pov pack commo. Aka, no climate contol. Typical disclaimer; You screw anything on you or your car up, it's not my fault. And more importantly, not my problem...
  8. D

    Interior lights replacement help!!

    This is the main interior light. I got the plastic covers off-gently with no damage...but geez, Im having trouble pulling out the globes. Any tips or advice from the panel would be greatly appreciated. Cheers PS: Love my VZ.