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glove box

  1. M

    VN Commodore Glovebox broken

    My glovebox locked shut and when I pulled it snapped. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have taken some photos.
  2. C

    Part Numbers - VY Berlina

    Hey all, I am trying to get the VY Berlina up to scratch by fixing some of the broken components. I have ordered a new fuel cap and glove box limiters (92189069) off eBay but I also need the following and haven't managed to find them anywhere. Any chance somebody would know the part codes...
  3. G

    [VE] How to replace HVAC Module - VE Commodore

    I made this account just to post this guide as I had a bit of trouble finding one, but as I got into it, it seemed actually pretty simple! So a bit of back story: Around Christmas time, I installed a Bluetooth module into the Commodore on my own and was pretty pumped :boxing:. Probably 3...
  4. BigBoss

    Glove box single DIN adaptor?

    Hey Lads, Has anyone got a part number or know where i can get a single DIN surround to fit in my glove box? I Know the caprice comes with a nav unit (DIN spec i think) in the glove box so I suppose holden would sell the part to make a single DIN fit? Just found a pick of what I'm talking...
  5. tHe_sTiG

    Broken glove box handle

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows how to replace the glove box handle in a VZ; the opening mechanism is broken. A new one from Holden costs $27, for labour they'll charge me a further $45. The labour charge is a rip-off in my opinion. Would replacing the handle be as easy as a DIY...
  6. A

    Few quick VX questions?

    Hey guys i just got my 2002 VXII S today from a private sale. Not a bad price id say, 135000kms, full S pack options, 10 months rego and great condition (my grand dad is a holden mechanic, he checked it for me) all for $10k. Just a few things i want to ask, id ask my grand dad, but its a bit...