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  1. T

    Glovebox light wont turn off

    hey guys, just had my Line out converter fitted and turn on wire was run to the hands free plug behind the glovebox. since getting my car back (and the LOC works great i might add) the glovebox light will not turn off. i cant get my car back to the auto elec in the next day or two. i...
  2. I

    VP makes a Ticking Noise

    Hi, My well beloved Vp makes a ticking noise coming from around the injectors area, when i close the bonnet i can only just hear if i strain my ears :unsure: it does not effect the performance of the car and drives nice and its quiet inside the car cant hear it at all....also i can hear a...
  3. H

    Wonky VZ Glove Box

    Hello! I bought my VZ about two months ago, not a scratch on it, bar the wonky glove box. It tilts towards the passenger door. Is there anything I can do to fix it? It functions fine but it annoys the f out of me.