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  1. Paris99

    VT-VZ Commodore/Calais Sagging Glovebox

    Gday everyone, me again. My VZ Calais glovebox is sagging and Ive tried to search up how to repair it but haven't found anything. Ive heard that this is a somewhat common issue with this generation of Commodore. If anyone could give me some advice as to how to fix the sagging, it would be much...
  2. M4NNY

    VE SS glovebox handle

    Hi all I have seen a few posts about the glove box on the VE but I dont think it covers this. I have a VE SS, the glovebox is stuck shut the glovebox handle I believe seems to have come off the mechanism which actually allows you to open the glovebox. What is the best way to get the glovebox...
  3. J

    VE Glovebox

    The VE glovebox is capable of carrying a shelf. This is the size and shape I cut and installed, sitting on the internal ledges, so I can put a couple of my bits in as well as my partner's ! Others have probably done similar but I can't find pics or records. Just thought I'd share.
  4. M

    VN Commodore Glovebox broken

    My glovebox locked shut and when I pulled it snapped. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have taken some photos.
  5. H

    VZ glovebox 2006

    May be a silly question but does anybody have an idea of how to remove the glove box in a VZ 06?
  6. B

    08' ve glove box/boot light fuse help!!!

    since buying my car over a year ago i have never had a working boot or glove box light, it never really bothered me, but now its starting to bug me so its time to kill the issue, i have checked it out and all wiring and globes are fitted, at first i thought it was just the globe so i replaced...
  7. T

    Glovebox light wont turn off

    hey guys, just had my Line out converter fitted and turn on wire was run to the hands free plug behind the glovebox. since getting my car back (and the LOC works great i might add) the glovebox light will not turn off. i cant get my car back to the auto elec in the next day or two. i...
  8. tHe_sTiG

    [VZ] Broken VZ glove box handle

    Hi all, My glove box handle is broken and needs a replacement. Went over to Holden for a new one. Cost is $27 for handle, not bad. Labour cost is about $45. Thought well stuff that. Don't like getting ripped off, would rather do it myself. Does anyone here have a DIY guide on replacing this...
  9. H

    Wonky VZ Glove Box

    Hello! I bought my VZ about two months ago, not a scratch on it, bar the wonky glove box. It tilts towards the passenger door. Is there anything I can do to fix it? It functions fine but it annoys the f out of me.
  10. J

    sub mount vu ute

    hey i was wondering if it were possible to mount a slimline sub behind glovebox above passengers feet in a vu ute? i was also wondering if it is possible, whether anyone sells pre-fab boxes for this, any help would be much appreciated as there is not alot of info out there. had a play...