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gold coast

  1. Robbo77

    VF Commodore tailshaft replacement uni-joint

    G'day all. Vehicle: 2014 VF SV6 - LFX 6 speed auto Issue: buggered centre uni-joint causing shuddering etc. Location: Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Questions: -would anyone happen to be from around the general area and know of any or where to go for a good second hand tailshaft/installation...
  2. L

    VYII SS rebuild, I need a mechanic to do it Gold Coast

    G'day, I hope I've posted this is in the right area. I'm looking at buying a VYII SS with lots of Ks on it and I want someone to rebuild the engine, brakes, suspension, steering. I'll also need you to view the car and give your opinion and transport it to your workshop to do the work. Why...