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  1. A

    Holden hides behind disclaimer, false adverting and NO support

    Have just been advised by Holden that the guidance system on the factory fitted equipment only has camera alerts as part of a charged update, they deny that what is in print, page 164, inside the 'VF Sedan & Sportwagon Owner's Handbook' is not supported by Holden and they hide behind the...
  2. Vxcalaisv8

    VF Calais Mylink question.

    Hi guys. So my father just bought a VF Calais Sportswagon with the Mylink system (satnav not included) Is there anyway to link Google maps from his samsung galaxy to Mylink so he can see/hear google maps through the system? What do you guys without satnav in the Mylink do for GPS?
  3. L

    Steering wheel controls

    Hey guys. I have the original stereo and i would like to up guard, possibly to a stereo/gps.. Will most of them work with the original buttons in the steering wheel? Recommendations on good units? And where can i find a tray for the back of 2003 commodore ute? Oh and best place to buy rims?
  4. P

    Wiring Sat Nav cable through dash on VX Berlina 2003

    Hi, This is my first post here so hopefully it is in the right place and sorry it if is not. I have just purchased a GPS system for my VX Berlina Series II and want to mount it without having the cable just hanging across the dash as it just looks plain ugly. Does anyone know how to wire...
  5. T

    Beeping noise driving me insane!

    I have a Pioneer AVIC-F310BT Total in-car entertainment and navigation solution - AVIC-F310BT :: Pioneer Australia that i recently purchased and self installed. I found out that if i earthed the handbreak wire that i will get all my features while driving rather then only when my handbreak is...
  6. L

    Bluetooth compatibility with GPS

    Hi! I was just wondering if the bluetooth system in my car is compatible with aftermarket GPS systems? ie. Can you connect your GPS so it plays through your car stereo. I just got a tomtom GPS with bluetooth and cant connect to my cars bluetooth. I'm guessing that the cars bluetooth can...
  7. A

    VY - Steering wheel controls - Cheap China double din DVD head unit.

    Don’t know if this has been covered but I’m not getting any love out of the search results. I have a VY S pack and I’m installing a cheap double din head unit from china and it says that it can be connected to the steering wheel controls of any car, as long as it runs on a 5V system. Does...
  8. hingo1983

    Tomtom GPS Mount for VZ

    Hey all, I have a Tomtom One GPS and about a year ago I came across a site that made mount kits for all different types of cars including commodores. I am now interested in getting one for a VZ but cannot find this site for the life of me. Anyone know where I can find a Tomtom mount kit for a VZ?