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grandpa spec

  1. J_Caprice

    Jordy's Vs Series 3 Caprice - Build Thread

    Hey guys, been using these forums for years (even since before my account was made) but have never posted anything until now. Thought id throw up a bit of an overview of my weekender as you don't see to many clean ones anymore. I've had the car for about 2 years so have a few things to cover and...
  2. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    It appears I have purchased another car! A 1972 HQ Kingswood. One lady owner from 1972 to 2009, who then sold it to a wrecker where it was saved by the bloke who sold it to me! He didn't even drive the car, he had it towed to his house :p Set me back $1600 all up, with a full tank of petrol...