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  1. Inthepanelshop

    [VIC] WH statesman/caprice/grange

    Anyone out there ever cut up a WH for mini tubs? If so hit us up with link, pics and some advice too! TIA
  2. Z

    2016 HSV Grange owners

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of help. I want to put 20inch wheels on my 2016 WN series 2 Caprice. The problem is that I can't get tyres with the required load rating until I hit 265/xxR/20 which is too wide for the front. Turns out the HSV version, the Grange has gotten away with a lower tyre...
  3. K

    Bumper- Plastic Welding or Epoxy

    I have an 09 Grange and some &%$T in something large has given my back end a kiss. all is easily sorted, except the lower rear bumper, which is cracked. I need to work out if the rear would require epoxy or plastic welding to repair?
  4. speed__demond

    statesman series 3/ grange lip fitting...

    hey people, i have a good ol stato series 1, and a series 3 front lip. just asking anyone thats fitted them for some friendly advice what was the easiest way to cut the holes and also how did you screw it in on the inside? i didnt get any screws or anything
  5. lowvpcal

    wh grange with wh caprice roof lining question

    Gday all I bought a wh grange a couple months back (was looking for a vito!!). At first I was under the impression that they were based on a caprice as per a hsv history book I have but the vin number implies that statesman. In these books and hsv press release statements on the Internet they...
  6. lowvpcal

    so I went out looking for a vito

    Gday all it's been a while since ive done one of these, near on 2 years in fact. Some members might know me by my old isername and car lowvpcal, white over grey vp calais locala. I sold that car nearly a year ago now due to losing my licence for 2 years. Around the end of January this year I...
  7. D

    VE Grange Question (Removal of MRC)

    i had some noise issues with the suspension on my 07 grange, turns out the shocks have leaked & will need to be replaced. is there any issue if i replace the MRC shocks with either standard HSV shocks from a GTS or coilovers? they failed with 90k on the clock & is out of warrenty. i would like...

    My wl caprice [email protected]@k

    CAPRILCIOUS WL. Slammed on Ultra lows. Pic Heavy, Dial Up Users Warnd. lol Updated 22.08.12 Hey everyone, Im new here n just wanted to share my late 05 Black WL Caprice with you. Picked this Babii up mid Feb 2011 it was stock as a rock and any mod below was added by myself :) Let us know...
  9. B

    1994 vr v6 statesman, body kits

    hey i have a 94 vr statesman an i want to know if vr clubsport or grange front bars will fit it.
  10. V

    Can i use the WH grange intake?

    Hi my dads WH grange (which i love) came from the dealer ship tuned and modded but with all the stock bits with it. The point is that he says he had a CAI stock for grange that was replaced with a loud mouth intake and wondered if i could use that as opposed to buying a new one for my stock...
  11. I

    Where to buy a HSV grange Body kit Online?

    Dear All, I live in the Middle East & I bought a Chevy Caprice Royal = (Holden Caprice fully loaded). I've absolutely loved the car, except the exterior... I want to upgrade it to look more sporty. so I though it would be nice to upgrade the look of my car with the best OEM body kit for...