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  1. Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "Quipie"

    Alexanders 03 VY Equipe V6TT "Quipie"

    Hey All Here's my 2003 VY SER 1 Equipe Project Never thought id own a Commodore but here's goes. Worked as a mechanic when one day this sad poor banged up VY entered the shop, the owner a lovely 23 year old with little big car driving skill ask about a quote on some work which she then points...
  2. B

    08 Berlina legal on Green P's?

    Hi guys, im new here so be nice. just kidding. The nastier the better. Ive got my eyes on a an 08 VE Berlina but im on my Green P's for another year. Is it legal to drive this car in NSW? Thanks
  3. M

    Does anyone know?

    This is probably the silliest of all the questions, but I'm going to get my car wrapped a green colour and I'm also looking at changing the interior to leather and I was wondering, is it possible to get dark green leather seats and door trims somewhere, somehow? I'll probably end up putting...
  4. Jayne89

    Hazard perception test QLD

    Hey guys, So I got my P1 licence in December 2010, but didn't sit my hazard perception test until may 2012. I know that your green p's need to be held for 2 years and i don't think they technically start till you have done that test, so does this mean I have extended my p's by 6 months :/ ...
  5. xxBRENTxx

    Brents Hothouse VY

    Hey Guys, been on the site for a while now so thought i might as well make a thread. I am 18 and this is my first car; 2003 VY S in Hothouse green Mods: - Extractors and exhaust system. - SS Headlights - SS tail lights - 19" VE SSV Thunder wheels - Lowered on SL King Springs and Monroe Shocks...
  6. Mase1990

    Theres a storm coming.

    This is what it looks like thus far... :S
  7. Atomic G

    Rim Suggestions for Atomic Green VE Ute

    Hey everyone, This is my first post, although I have been lurking for some time :P I am the proud owner of a 2010 VE Ute(3.6l SIDI) in "Atomic Green". I would like to upgrade the rims in the near future,but at the moment I am quite uninspired and honestly have no idea what I would like to...
  8. S

    Black/Green VT w/ Gold trim on kit... custom or factory?

    This is for my fiance's VT Exec. S2.. He's just bought it, and would like it restored to its former glory - it's gonna need new bumpers (old owner reversed into a garbage truck, front bumper clips are mostly broken) and a boot respray.. but I'm not sure on the colour... and that's something we...
  9. P

    New VR transmission, hopefully.

    - ----------
  10. JSTCOZ

    LED light sticks HELP!

    *PROBLEM SOLVED* - Heavy Duty double sided tape from Bunnings Hello all, Just got some Green LED Light Sticks in the car yesterday and they came with some double sided tape and some strapping wire and a screw... anywho, none of the stuff worked and so i just did a neat job with some Gaffe...
  11. A

    VY S-Pac Supercharged L67

    Lowered on SSL front and SSSL rear SS fog lights SS headlights spoiler removed K&N Panel filter Top Gun Leads Deciding on wheels atm....
  12. JSTCOZ

    interior neons?

    Hey guys, Got my P's! and will getting exhaust done thursday (18th Feb). anyways, I have been thinking for a while about getting neons or LED's put in my VS. They will be on the pedals and front passenger side feet, as well as being placed under the front seats so they glow into the back...
  13. S

    My VX Lumina!!

    Pretty basic atm but iv been slowly getttin it better! Bought for $6,200 with the dent, bad side skirts, few minor scratches and couple of bad gouges on the back panel. Before Front left hand quater panel Side skirts Car And then $300 later (Panel beated/ Cut, Polish and...