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  1. tim_pato

    memcal to suit current daily ss, attn Greenfoam!!

    Hi mate, I've heard good things about your memcals and was curious to see if you could help. I've got a 94vr ss auto odometer has stopped at 226thou so not sure on actual k's it's Got a cwc cam I'll get the specs for you tonight when I'm home, 70mm throttle body vs airbox and cai k&n filter...
  2. Scrubmonk

    [VIC] VS Series 2, V8, auto, cam, foam tune

    ITEM: 1997 Series 2 VS Commodore Executive Sedan, V8 auto, Dark Blue, Low Kms PRICE: $6,500 OBO / Swap for something of similar value (Later model V6 preferably, VS S/Charged Statesman, 1960s classic) / Make a sensible offer LOCATION: Mildura, far NW Victoria YEAR: 1997 SERIES: VSII BADGE...
  3. somefool

    ATJR 4357 from an '89 VN 6 advice wanted please

    Going to get a tune from Greenfoam soon. I've had this spare memcal for a while now - pulled it out of a Vn at the wreckers. After looking on Rob's Creative Calibrations I've found out that it's from an '89 model car, whereas the car i want to put it into is a '91 Vn 6. heres the numbers...

    Greenfoam's Memcal on V6 Ecotec

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a Memcal Tune from Greenfoam for my auto V6 Ecotec. He says he ain't sure on the power gains it could get. Has anyone here bought one from Greenfoam and had it on their V6 Ecotec auto and what gains did you get? Cheers Matt