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  1. C

    PLEASE HELP! Lower Grille

    Okay so yesterday we hit a wallaby in my sII VY Berlina. The only damage was to the lower grille/bumper grille and one fog light which I need to replace. I have looked all over the internet and rang the wreckers. I can't find a lower grille anywhere! Does it go by another name? Is there another...
  2. dashdown98

    Will VN headlights and grille fit VP?

    I own a VP ute with a stock front end. I like the look of some of the VN grilles going around, and I know that the grille is a different shape to the VP, but if you swap out the headlights and grille from a VN can you keep the VP indicators? I really don't want to get two whole new left and...
  3. N

    Replacing the grille

    Hi there, I've recently started doing up a VN S Pack and I'm at the stage where I want to replace the standard grille with something a little better looking. I'm thinking a chrome Calais grille. Just wondering how difficult it would be to take the original one off and replace it with one...
  4. Scruba

    Our VX Acclaim

    It's been years since I owned my VP SS and now I'm back. Ok the garage isn't quite as exciting, BF XR6 and Pontiac Firebird but i've got plans for a VY or VE SS. Just bought the missus a stock as a rock VX Acclaim so I'll no doubt be harassing you fine people for info/ideas etc. No OTT...
  5. Foonz

    Looking for parts

    Hey guys, I am looking at fixing up my VN calais S2 and need some parts. I am chasing the front bumper (preferably silver), rear right door (preferably Blue and Silver), front grille and drivers side door trim (grey is colour). If anyone is wrecking or knows where i could get parts that...
  6. N

    VY Series 2 Berlina Lower Grille!!!

    I have a VY Berlina series 1 that does not have the foglights! i am looking for the lower grille insert with the spaces and bezels for the foglights??? They are 650 bucks with lights and all from holden? is this a good price or reckon i could get one from somewhere else cheaper???
  7. F

    VR/VS Nightrider grille - Opinions?

    See photoshopped attachment. Pic was originally from Social - I blacked out your number plate but let me know if you want the pic gone. Has it been done? Like/dislike? Maybe some of that white automotive mesh from SCA in the upper and lower gaps?