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  1. Turtl3

    Tr6060 gearbox 2nd gear problem

    Hey all, Has anyone experienced issues with the ve manuals not enjoying stationary shifting into second at high rpm? I know it sounds ominous, but before anyone jumps to conclusions we were breaking in a new pad at a mates farm. Car is tuned, torque management is disabled, esc was off. Clutch...
  2. J

    Diff Clunking/Grinding AFTER Diff seal replacement?

    G'day to you all. I've recently purchased a 2003 WK Caprice with 233,000ks on the clock. Ran like a gem, no odd sounds. Took it to my local mechanic, good reliable guy, stated that the Diff Pinion Seal was leaking -and to get it sorted "sooner rather than later" The week after, I made the...
  3. N

    Rear clunking sound when hitting bumps!

    A new day, a new problem in my commie. I have bought and fixed everything that's related to the undercarriage of the car, and that includes control arms, most of the bushings, engine & tranny & diff & suspension mounts, etc... Now, I hear a squeaking coming from the rear left side when driving...
  4. A

    '07 Calais Front Wheel Noise

    Hi everyone, A couple of days ago I bought my first Commodore, a 2007 Calais 3.6 with 116,000 on the clock and I'm pretty stoked with it! Drives beautifully and is such a smooth and powerful beast compared to the '03 Astra 1.8 it replaced. But I've noticed with the Calais a strange noise...
  5. D

    [General] How to replace Trailer Bearings

    A few mates and I made this in-depth video on how to diagnose and replace trailer bearings. We will be making more videos in the future so please leave a comment suggesting what you want us to do.
  6. A

    Grinding sound rear left

    Hi Guys, im new here and also to Holdens, I used to be a Toyota driver. I have a question, i had all my rotors machined and 120k service by a holden dealer, now i have this grinding sound from rear left wheel, noticeable when going slow and driving past parked cars or a wall. Took it back and...
  7. S

    Major grinding noise from rear end??HELP!

    I was driving today when i started hearing a minor grinding noise from my back wheels. I stopped checked it out and couldnt find anything. About 2 minutes later i was doing probably 30kph when there was a loud bang from the back end and then i stopped. i tried reversing and there was a loud...
  8. S

    WH Statesman...wierd noise when accellerating off a left turn...ideas?

    Hi guys. I'm having a bit of an issue with my WH Statesman at the moment. I'm getting a strange rough/grindy sort of noise when I'm accellerating out of a left hand turn. It's only when turning left, and not only on sharpish corners, even sometimes changing lanes into the left, if I...
  9. C

    Accelerating while turning, VS commodore problem

    While turning at a fair speed, say 40kph ish (and keeping speed by accelerating a touch), there is a wierd grinding/clicky sound coming from either wheel depending on what way you are turning. So you turn left and the noise comes from the right wheel arch, turn right the noise comes from the...
  10. [Linkin Park]

    abs fault and weird grinding from the front of car

    hey, Well we just bought a 2nd hand 2004 vz commodore sedan with 53,000kms the abs fault thingy comes up and getting more frequent and lasts for about 6 seconds but there are no fault codes left so holden dont know what the problem is. my second problem doesnt happen always but it...