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  1. Inside Garage

    INSIDE GRARAGE: Hybrid VL Commodore with a Nissan GTR

    If a Nissan and a Commodore had a angry baby, Huss's VLR 747 would be the result. Built mostly by himself. This unique build is worth checking out. INSIDE GARAGE: Hybrid Holden VL Commodore/Nissan GTR Follow us on http://www.youtube.com/c/InsideGarage...
  2. Disturbed_vegeta

    1989 Midnight Blue R32 GT-R

    Specs; 1989 Model BNR32 GT-R Midnight BLue RB26DETT Mods; Blitz Mesh air filters and pods Splitfire Coil Packs Mspec 50mm Alloy radiator Momo wheel on HKB Boss M's Factory Boost controller HSD HR Coilovers UAS Big front rotor kit, inc billet caliper spacer (from a...